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Basheer Case Judgement and Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act…Cyber Jurisprudence develops

…relevant to the objection. First Principle enunciated by Basheer Judgment The Basheer Judgment throws light on the fundamental principle of evidence presentation stating, “Evidence is constructed by the Plaintiff and… Continue reading

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Two Member Bench of Supreme Court Vs Three member decision on Section 65B

On September 18, 2014, the famous P.V.Anvar Vs P.K Basheer judgement was delivered by the three member Supreme Court bench consisting of the then CJI, Kurien Joseph along with Justices… Continue reading

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It is “Alias Amar” Vs Anvar and the winner is …..Section 65B

…the witnesses were accepted as evidence and the decision was taken. Then came the celebrated three member judgement in the case of Anvar P.V. Vs P.K. Basheer (discussed in detail… Continue reading

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Section 65B in the Quantum Computing Scenario

…learn what they have learnt for the last 3 or 4 decades of their legal career. They are therefore uncomfortable with what the Supreme Court stated unambiguously in the BasheerContinue reading

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Confusion on Section 65B (IEA) caused by an erroneous report ?

…A.M. Basheer Ahamed and it would have been a Basheer overriding the Basheer Judgement if the report had been true!. It would have made an interesting headline for the media… Continue reading

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Let’s Not misinterpret the Sonu@Amar judgement on Section 65B

…that old judgements delivered by the Courts between 04.08.2005 and 18.09.2014 (Between the Afsan Guru Judgement and basheer Judgement) need to be revisited because of the Sonu@Amar judgement. We consider… Continue reading

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