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Brexit impact on India will be postive

It appears at this point of time that BrExit is really happening.  As the effects of the unexpected result unwinds, the debate now is what will be the effect of the BrExit on India in general and Indian stock markets … Continue reading

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US Bank Offers Cyber Insurance for Wire Transfer transactions

Naavi has been repeatedly emphasizing the need for banks to provide mandatory Cyber Insurance for the benefit of the customers as a support to the technology related innovations which have changed the threat landscape in the Banking industry. While new … Continue reading

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Beware of the Bank Merger related fraud

Currently, the Government has announced a merger of SBI with some of the associate Banks including SBM. It is reported that a new fraud has surfaced in which fraudsters are calling associate bank customers and informing them that due to … Continue reading

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Is your Right to Justice being trampled by Bureaucracy in Karnataka?

The hallmark of Democracy is that every Citizen has a right to be entitled to Quick and Fair Justice. But when the system fails to provide this fundamental right of a citizen, the society faces the danger of the raise of … Continue reading

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Save Facebook … from “Dark Facebook Groups”

It will appear strange that Naavi is calling for “Save Facebook” when most think that it is in great shape and thriving to challenge Google today which itself has dwarfed even Microsoft. But for those of us who have seen Napster … Continue reading

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Raghuram Rajan exits.. Media starts its games once again.

The media including the otherwise respected Economic Times and CNBC TV  all predicted dooms day for Indian economy if Rajan is not given a second term. It was funny to observe that even Mr Narayana Murthy of Infosys made a … Continue reading

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