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90% growth in Credit Card Frauds … Dear Police, How Many Banks have you Charged?

It is unfortunate that some of the unpleasant prophesies of on increasing Card related frauds are becoming a reality. It is reported that Mumbai Police statistics show that in the first 9 months of 2015, Credit card frauds rose … Continue reading

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A Broker for Zero Day Vulnerabilities?

The way the underworld for Cyber Crime tools has developed indicates how¬†complicated is the world of Cyber Crimes from the law enforcement issue. Cyber Criminals are difficult to catch both because they are anonymous and spread across the globe and … Continue reading

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Delhi Consumer Court Fraud..Why Police are silent?

I had pointed out through my earlier article “Beware of this Call from 90699 35661”¬†about the calls that threaten the victim that there is a Consumer Court complaint against him/her in Delhi Consumer court and if help is required they … Continue reading

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Mobile threats in Symantec Study-1 million Malware Apps identified

The Symantec study on Internet threats has some interesting findings on the threats arising out of Mobile devices which needs some deep analysis. The first alarming aspect thrown open by the study is that of the 6.3 million apps observed … Continue reading

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Ransomware and Watering hole strategy

Symantec Internet Security Threat report 0f 2015 has provided some interesting insights into the current trends in threats and vulnerabilities in the Cyber space. One of the interesting findings of the study is the raise of ransomware as a major … Continue reading

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The Underground Cyber Crime Economy

The Norton/Symantec Cyber Crime study of 2014 has tried to provide an insight into the Underground Cyber Crime economy that drives the growth of financial crimes. Spamming and Phishing continue to be the major tools through which frauds are committed … Continue reading

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