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New Malicious Code for Android- Selfmite

A new virus called Selfmite has been detected on the Android platform. This virus spreads itself by sending SMS to contacts in the infected phone with a link. The text message sent by Selfmite contains the contact’s name and reads: … Continue reading

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RBI limits Customer’s Loss on Phishing

In an excellent but long awaited move, RBI has directed Banks that the liability of customers on “Phishing” loss should be limited to Rs 10000/- See Report The new Banking Service code of ( Banking Codes and Standard Board of India … Continue reading

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Nokia gives in to Black Mail

It has been reported that Nokia had given into a hacker’s black mail and paid a huge sum of ransom to a hacker who threatened disclosure of an encryption key for the Symbian OS. Report: The incident reportedly took place … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court disallows Business Method Patents

In a major and welcome move, the Supreme Court of US has disallowed “Business Method Patents”. Refer Here The decision which holds the subject patent “a method for reducing the risk that the parties to a transaction will not pay … Continue reading

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New Security stolen through mobiles just with electromagnetic waves

A new Cyber Threat that is far ahead of the Stuxnet threat has been reported by security researchers. Ref: here This threat works through a mobile phone which is near a computer. The electro magnetic waves emanated by the phone and … Continue reading

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Loans Through SMS-Fraud Site Confirmed? had brought to the notice of the public a website through its article We had remarked as follows: “There is an interesting website on the cyber space which promises all kinds of loans for which application can be made … Continue reading

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