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Agenda for the new IT Minister

Posted by Vijayashankar Na on May 27, 2014
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Mr Ravishankar Prasad

Minister of Communications and Information Technology



Dear Sir,

I would like to place before him an action agenda for immediate implementation. 

1. The Cyber Apppelate Tribunal (CAT) which is the apex Cyber Judiciary body supervising 28+adjudicators all over India has been kept dysfunctional since June 2011 by the previous regime without appointing a chair person. This has shut off Cyber Judiciary in India from all Cyber Crime Victims.

I would request the new Minister to attend to this immediately. 

2.In order to effectively handle the Cyber Judicial requirements across the country there is a need for 

a) Immediate training of Adjudicating officers (who are IT secretaries in different State Governments) 
b) Setting up of “Roving and Regional Adjudicating Officers” who hold sittings in different cities of a State or a group of states. 
c) Setting up one or more of separate Magisterial Courts for Cyber Crime trials in each State or Union Territory

3. Introduction of “Cyber Crime Insurance” as a mandatory provision for Net Banking and for addressing E Commerce and E Governance frauds . Must be made mandatory for new Banking licenses.

4. Review of National Cyber Security Policies and its implementation mechanism 

5. Making necessary changes in ITA 2008 for safer Internet use and prevention of misuse by Police and curbing genuine freedom of speech.

6. Providing “Digital Signature ID” for all citizens of the country so that they can undertake legally valid online interactions including participating in national referendum on key citizen issues, filing of online FIRs etc 

7. E Consumer Protection through appropriate amendment of ITA 2008 and setting up of a National Netizen Rights Commission. 

8. Setting up of National and State level online open schools.

9. Guaranteed Internet access to all under affordable cost 

Many of the above thoughts have been expanded by the undersigned some times on this site and otherwise on other resources.

Looking forward to some positive and quick action from your end.



Ravi Shankar Prasad is the new IT Minister

Posted by Vijayashankar Na on May 27, 2014
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Ravi Shankar Prasaad has been confirmed as the new Minister in charge of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) hitherto managed by Mr Kapil Sibal.

One of the first things required to be done in this department is to find a suitable person to take charge as Chair Person of Cyber Appellate Tribunal.


Happy Days are here with Modi

Posted by Vijayashankar Na on May 27, 2014
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With Narender Damodar Das Modi swearing in as the 15th Prime Minister of India, India has entered a new era of Governance. Naavi.org takes this opportunity to welcome Mr Modi as the new Prime Minister of India.


During the last few years, the UPA Government was conspicuous for it’s “Governance Deficit”. In fact many described it as a “Government in Coma”. The reason could be the series of Scams culminating in the Coal Scam which hit directly at the PM. But this was not the only reason.

Lack of Governance was most evident in the DEITY and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) which is relevant for all of us who are following the domain of Cyber Law and Information Security. Mr Kapil Sibal who took additional charge of this department was simply not showing any interest in its activities either because he was too busy or perhaps he did not care.

Naavi.org had pleaded withMr Kapil Sibal many times about the closure of Cyber Appellate Tribunal (CAT)and its adverse consequences on the cyber crime victims in India. He however was obsessed with the appointment of one particular person to the chair and since he did not get the approval from the Chief Justice, preferred to keep the position of the Chair Person of CAT vacant since June 2011.

I had personally written a number of letters and emails to him and also his deputies in the department besides the political heads such as the PM, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. We also took up the matter with Courts (Where the matter is still pending). however Mr Kapil Sibal was stoic and refused to budge . His attitude was reflective of the arrogance that Congress party displayed as the ruler of this country which made us rejoice with the slogan “Congress Mukta Bharat”.

 Now that Mr Kapil Sibal is free, I would request him to clarify why he was not interested in the department’s work since he otherwise seemed to be a man of energy and action.

I am now waiting for the new Minister to take charge so that the matter can be pursued. So far it is not clear who will have the portfolio of the IT Ministry. Even the media seems to be unable to identify this ministry since they are talking of either the Information and Broadcasting  Ministry or the Telecom ministry. Either Mr Javdekar or Mr Ravishankar Prasad are likely to be the Minister in charge of MCIT. May be it would be clear today. Our advance good wishes to the concerned Minister.


It is reported that the MP Government has adopted an E Mail Policy for use by its officials which has raised some legal concerns under ITA 2008.

The policy is available here:  

The main objective of E-mail Policy is said  to be to give legal status to e-mail correspondence and dissemination of data. All departments, offices, affiliated institutions and autonomous bodies which draw funds from Madhya Pradesh’s consolidated fund, will be provided all e-mail related facilities free of cost.

Under the policy, guidelines will be issued for giving legal status to e-mail facilities and their use. It will be compulsory for employees of various state government departments, their affiliated organisations, corporations, boards etc., who use this facility, to follow the E-mail Policy.

One of the concerns that some persons have raised is that the policy does not mention any thing about “Digital Signature” as a means of authentication. Hopefully this will be added in the detailed guidelines.

It is also not clear if the mail service would be maintained by NIC. It is however expected to be so.

There is also a need to ensure appropriate security measures at the host level so that key Intra Government communication does not leak out or become available for manipulation.

The move however appears to be heading in the right direction towards increased use of E Governance and if it is made Cyber Law Compliant, it is a welcome move.


No bank has proper Information Security Guidelines

Posted by Vijayashankar Na on May 25, 2014
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An RTI query filed by Nagpur based NGO Cyber Awareness Organization (CAO) recently revealed that none of the banks in the country had drafted information security guidelines which are mandatory as per RBI’s guideline on electronic banking. 

Speaking to the press during his visit to Nagpur recently, Naavi said “When RBI started allowing internet banking way back in 2001, it clearly laid the responsibility of data security and educating customers about the dos and don’ts on the banks. It was also advised that all banks offering the service take cyber crime insurance. None of that has happened even today”

Details here

@PMOIndia twitter handle under dispute

Posted by Vijayashankar Na on May 20, 2014
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It is reported that PMO under Dr Man Mohan Singh was using a twitter handle titled “@PMOIndia” which is sought to be frozen now as @PMOIndiaArchive and to be discontinued.

BJP has naturally raised a point that the handle should be passed on to the PMO under Mr Modi and cannot be treated as personal property of Dr Man Mohan Singh.

I am aghast at the ignorance of the officials who sought to appropriate the handle for the outgoing PM. It is clear that “PMOIndia” is an organizational name which cannot be used by you and me and can be used only by the official PMO of India. It would have naturally been maintained by officials who draw salary and remuneration from the Government of India. Obviously the handle “PMOIndia” is a digital property that belongs to the Government of India. Similarly all websites,Facebook Ids and email IDs in official names are properties of the Government of India and has to naturally pass onto the next Government.

The officials who thought that the handle can be retained by the erstwhile Government seem to be not aware of the concept of ‘Trade Mark” and deserve to be sent out of the responsible positions they are now in.

I am sure that the “Mauni Man Mohan” does not need a twitter handle and would be glad if it is taken over by Mr Modi’s PMO. Hope the officials will do the needful without further ado.