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Press Should not misrepresent Bitcoins

Whenever press writes an article about Bitcoin, they use pictures similar to the following.  This picture immediately invokes the thought of a fiat currency and regulators start thinking  how anybody can “mint” such coins  without their permission. However the correct … Continue reading

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Why India is an attractive market for Bitcoins

India is a country which tops in the annual inward remittances. In 2012, the total inward remittances were estimated at US$ 69 billion. China with US$ 60 billion was the second best. (Refer article). In the year 2013, despite the … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Community in India organizing itself

Countering the recent enforcement enquiries on two of the Bitcon traders in Ahmedabad and one in Tumkur/Bangalore, some of the operators in Bitcoin community have tried to organize themselves into an interest group so as to take up their case … Continue reading

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Effect of Bitcoins on floating currency

While RBI is trying to formulate regulations for the Bitcoin, it is time to start thinking of the benefits of India formally recognizing the Bitcoin as a currency of exchange. According to, the total market capitalization of Bitcoins today … Continue reading

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Government Sops in India and Bitcoins

One of the arguments of Bitcoin community is that the fiat currencies which carry the backing of a Government are being produced without any consideration to the inflationary aspects. After the de-linking of the Gold standard, the supply of fiat … Continue reading

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Electronic Frauds in Banks.. New guidelines to benefit Customers

The year 2014 has started with some good news for Bank fraud vicitms. According to today’s Economic Times, it is stated that the new code released by the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) states that “Customers will … Continue reading

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