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Regulating Ethical Hacking Training in India

The recent accusation that a prominent information  security training company in India was responsible for release of some malware in the wild and used for Cyber Espionage of Telenor and also for attacking Pakistani and Chinese web assets has raised … Continue reading

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IPL betting

The entire country is crying hoarse about the havoc betting is playing on IPL. The power of money available through betting influences spot fixing and probably even match fixing. This is a logical development and there is no surprise here. … Continue reading

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Indian Security Firm accused of being behind Corporate Espionage

The well known Delhi based security group “Appin” which conducts information security and  ethical hacking trainings is accused of being indulging in organized APTs (Advanced Persistent Attacks) and Corporate espionage. Initially it was reported that the group had been identified as … Continue reading

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ICICI Employee Arrested for 32 lakhs fraud

An ex employee of ICICI Bank has reportedly been arrested for duping one of the Canadian Customer, by name Pierre Courtat to the extent of Rs 32 lakhs. The customer held about 61451 Canadian dollars in an account which was … Continue reading

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Bank alone should be liable on RTGS and Phishing Frauds

I refer to an article in Business Standard today titled “Cyber frauds: Experts blame banks; banks find faults with clients”. One of the views expressed by a Banker is quoted as follows: “Earlier when internet banking was started, we thought … Continue reading

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Yes Bank blames RPG group

According to this Article in ET today, Yes Bank has started blaming RPG Life Sciences for the Rs 2.41 crore fraud that has been reported to have been committed a few days back. has discussed several times the issue of the … Continue reading

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