10000 years = 200 seconds in Sycamore Processor

Google has claimed a breakthrough in Quantum Computing and has stated that they have successfully tested a 54-Qubit processor named Sycamore that has processed the number of computations that takes the fastest known classical computer about 10000 years to process in just 200 seconds.

Refer here: Quantum Supremacy using programmable superconducting processor

The research team at AI Quantum has built a programmable high fidelity “Quantum Logic Gates” which performed the computations.

The Sycamore processor comprised of a two dimensional grid where each qubit was connected to 4 other qubits.

According to the scientists the Sycamore quantum computer is fully programmable and can run general purpose quantum algorithms. According to them, this breakthrough has created the first widely useful quantum algorithm for computer science applications with “Certifiable quantum randomness”.

Going forward the scientists will be trying to find valuable applications in quantum computing. The processors will also be made available for further academic research for development of appropriate algorithms, design new materials, new catalysts, more effective medicines etc.

Though Quantum Computing based on the principles of Physics is still Greek and Latin for most, it appears that the days of Quantum Computing at least in scientific research is nearer.


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