10 year jail sentence for SIM swapping

I was glad to see a report that a person  was sentenced to 10 year imprisonment for SIM Swapping fraud. It was unfortunate that he was a young 20 year old college student. The fraud involved crypto currencies which I classify as “Currency of the Criminals”.

The incident was however not in India but in California as this report indicates. According to the report he is the first hacker sentenced for SIM swapping fraud.

These kind of frauds happen regularly in India and our laws are not so stringent to impose any deterrent punishments to these criminals. 

I am happy that such stringent punishments are meted out to such criminals. This should not be misunderstood that I am harsh on a young boy who is being punished but actually, I am sympathetic and compassionate to the many of the victims whom this person affected out of his greed.

Indian Courts need to take note of this Criminal Jurisprudence and ensure that in India when such cases are found, the culprits donot get immediate bail and are punished properly.


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