Transfer of Domain Names from Net4India.. Some positive news

It appears that our persistent follow up with different agencies including the Finance Ministry, MeitY as well as the NCLT itself besides the RP and others, has yielded some positive results.

Since morning other registrars are contacting domain name owners whose domains are stuck with Net4India suggesting transfer of domains to their service.

It appears that NCLT has in today’s hearing must have provided the necessary permission.

It is not clear if this is restricted only to dot in domains or it will extend to other domains also.

The exact way it is to be done is also unclear. Whether the Authcodes would be released to the registrants and they can then approach the registrars of their choice or the Authcodes will be released only on a request by the destination registrar is not clear.

We may get some clarity by tomorrow.

The standard mail received is as follows:


NIXI has stared permitting end users of .IN Domain to migrate to other registrars (other than Net 4 India).

NIXI has decided not to discontinue the .IN Services for those .IN domain end users whose renewal is due till December, 2020

For Name server update, end users may send mails to following email ids to avail direct services (without help of Net4 India)

Kindly use this opportunity. At least it will enable you to transfer the dot in domains.


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21 Responses to Transfer of Domain Names from Net4India.. Some positive news

  1. Raka says:

    What is the update on .com domains.
    Net4 is not reachable over phone and e mail.
    What to do of near expiry domains ?

  2. Rahul says:

    Dear sir,
    kindly humble request to guide for .com domain. my 3 domain is stuck in net4india.

  3. Bhavana says:

    Pls guide me my 2 .in domains and 1 .com domain are stuck. what is the way out ? any body able to trasnfer their domains ? pls reply.

  4. S Arsi says:

    I could get Auth Code during last week, but at this moment again “Retrieve” (Auth Code) button has disappeared from ‘manage your domain’ page/area.

  5. We Adbangs Technologies can assist for domains / Websites / Email services migration out from net4 india domains.

    Let us know if you need assistance.

  6. Ismail says:

    My emails are not accessible, email login not working, Admin login not working. How to transfer the domine and email forwarding from net4india to another domine

    • We are from adBangs.Com Bangalore have helped 100’s of domain transfer out from net4 India. Mail us details about your domain name to We support you… Along with domain transfer you get 1 year free Linux hosting for your business website (static or small cms website only). You may whatsapp to 8884360777 also for immediate response. Adbangs technologies digital marketing services from bangalore

  7. Himangi says:

    Muly domains have disappeared from the net4 panel. How do I transfer those??

  8. Khetmal says:

    My emails are not accessible, email login not working, Admin login not working. How to transfer the domain and email to another host. Please guide me.

  9. Unable to use valet money raised complaints many time no response from Net4 Team.


  10. Any update on how to go about transferring .com domains….

  11. Digitfeast says:

    Thanks for your help. I was very tried to find the solution of this problem. Really helpful.

  12. Manmeet says:


    Net4 Website is DOWN?
    How do i Transfer My Domains from Net4 to other Provider.
    Please help me out

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