Cyber Law College, a division of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd has been conducting interactive web based courses on Personal Data Protection Act of India based on the Bill which is expected to be passed into a law soon.

In order to enable interested persons access the course material in the form of a set of 8 videos have been provided below.

Individual videos may be subscribed through the PayPal or Stripe or PayU.

For payment through PayU remittance of Rs 10,000/- (inclusive of GST) may be made through the following link.

The video links for those who subscribe to all the videos would be sent separately through e-mail within 24 hours.

Those who subscribe to the entire course of 8 videos will be eligible for taking the Certification examination from the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) (www.fdppi.in).

The videos will be live for a period of 3 months from the subscription of the first video and will expire thereafter.

The course content is based on Personal Data Protection Bill 2019. However, Cyber Law College offers a free virtual session after the Bill is passed to cover the changes that may be made between the Bill and the final Act.

Those who want to follow up with an examination and certification  would be provided an additional 60 minutes interactive session with Naavi at the request of the participant to clarify doubts if any. They would be also given reading material in soft copy.

The examination fee payable to FDPPI with or without membership fee of FDPPI will be in addition to the training fee.

It is recommended that the participants complete the study of the 8 videos in the first month so that the interactive session with Naavi can be completed in the following month when the access to the video is still available and there is sufficient time for the study of reading materials and take the Certification examination if desired.

Clarifications if any may be directed to Naavi through email.

The contents in each of the video are as follows.

Video 1: Evolution of Privacy Laws in India and Data Protection in ITA 2000/8

Video 2: Overview of PDPA and Key Definitions

Video 3: Applicability of PDPA, Obligations of a Data Fiduciary

Video 4:  Processing without Consent,  Rights of a Data Principal

Video 5: Personal Data of Children, Exemptions, Restrictions on Data Transfer

Video 6: Data Protection Authority, Penalties  and Offences,Adjudication, Appellate   Tribunal, Criminal Offences, Miscellaneous

Video 7: Transparency and Accountability Measures, (Compliance), DPO

Video 8: Data Audits, DTS, PDPSI Framework, Technology Aspects of Data Protection, Data Governance, Discussions

The total running time for all the videos put together is 14.15 hours.

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