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Cyber Law Vision 2018 for Digital India

…roll out one by one. 1) Cyber Terrorism and Cyber War issues Recently there was a crippling Cyber Attack on the IT infrastructure of Sony Corporation in USA. It is… Continue reading

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Plight of Cyber Crime Victims in Karnataka

the victim of Cyber Crime involved in the underlying dispute should approach Cyber Appellate Tribunal for redressal of his grievance if any against the order of the adjudicator dated 27th… Continue reading

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How to Relieve Cyber Police in India of needless burden and make them more focused

pushing the Citizens into online shopping and mobile Banking in a big way. This is therefore a fertile ground for Criminals to take to Cyber Criminal activities and the CyberContinue reading

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In the wonderland of Quantum Cyber Law, Physics is part of Law specialization

Cyber Law and in 2000 when I started Cyber Law College, there was no other university or college which was qualified to give Cyber Law degrees (at least in India)… Continue reading

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The Mystery Land of Cyber Insurance-3: Who should get Cyber Insurance Cover?

to touch the unknown risks involved or the insurance seekers are not pushing them for the service. To understand the status of the Cyber Insurance industry in India, a CyberContinue reading

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Steps to Improve Cyber Judicial System in India

In the last two posts, I have highlighted the call for early appointment of the Chair person of Cyber Appellate Tribunal (CyAT) which is vacant since July 2011 and the… Continue reading

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