Net4India issue… ICANN Support for Registrants

After a long struggle, the registrants of domain names in are getting resolution from the problem created out of the insolvency proceedings.

During the pendency of the insolvency proceedings the activities of Net4India had been suspended. As a result domain names could not be renewed and services related to the modification of services with Net4India both for domain name related changes and hosting related issues had got stuck. took up a fight against the problems of domain name registrants and first NIXI responded by making it possible for transfer of dot in domain names to other registrars. Now ICANN also has responded and has promised to provideĀ  direct assistance to affected registrants.

Details are available here

It is our sincere belief that this incident has to be taken up as a lesson by ICANN and NIXI to find an automatic solution to such problems in future.

In particular,

a) Registrars of Domain Names and Hosting Service Providers should be considered as “Critical Service Providers” and cannot be allowed to shut shop without a proper notice and winding down of operations. The least that can be done by ICANN/NIXI is to allow transfer of domain names forcibly to other operative service providers.

b) While insolvency proceedings are initiated on such critical service providers, Company Law Tribunal as well as Courts should recognize that they cannot allow critical services to be stopped.

c) The Finance Ministry in consultation with the ICAI should evolve a method by which “Data” is brought into the financial accounting system through a “Contra Accounting Method” so that third party rights on the data donot go un noticed. thanks Mr Samiran Gupta, representative of ICANN in India for following up with the problem to get the clarification from ICANN.

More discussions may follow.


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4 Responses to Net4India issue… ICANN Support for Registrants

  1. Shail says:

    Thank you so much for this post, and the valuable information about how to get respite from Net4domains!

  2. Deepak says:

    Thanks foe sharing this informational post.

  3. Dear Sir,
    We have 13 domains with net4india and 3 of them have expired. In spite of us paying for renewal, net4india has taken our money and not done the renewal. I am now concerned that some one might grab our domains of 20 years standing. I want to join your “Forum of Net4India Customers” but have no info on how to do the same. Please advise on how to join.

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