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We are happy to announce that the difficulties of Net4India Customers who had lost control of their domain names, e-mail accounts, hosting facilities etc because the NCLT committed the blunder of not recognizing the existence of a continued business and the interest of the customers and blindly went ahead to declare Net4India as insolvent and freeze its operations may be coming to an end.

While the systemic changes required to be brought in to ensure that such incidents donot recur will continue to be followed up with the MeitY, I am glad to know that ICANN has completed the process of selecting a registrar who would take over the current business of Net4India. Ltd.

Full details of the process is available here. 

As per the announcement, PDR Ltd, (Public Domain Registry) has been designated as the organization to which the Net4India registrations would be transferred.

ICANN anticipates PDR will begin contacting registrants with information on how to access and manage their domain name registrations by early next week.

Once completed, the ICANN-approved bulk transfer will result in the migration of all gTLD registrations from Net 4 India to PDR. There is no charge to registrants for this bulk transfer, and no AuthInfo codes are required for this process.

Once the transfers happen, we suppose that it would be the discretion of the registrants to either continue with PDR or transfer the domains to their preferred domain registrars. Since PDR will be expensive compared to other registrars, we suppose most of the registrants would  look forward to transfer the domains to alternate domain registrars.

We need to wait and see how this proceeds further.

In the process of this appointment of PDR as the registrar, ICANN has ordered an automatic data transfer across the borders for which there is no consent. Also this is likely to transfer the continuing business potential of the customers who were wronged by NCLT to a foreign registrar. MeitY by not intervening in the process has caused the erosion of foreign exchange and cross border data transfer, which need to be corrected.

It is presumed that NCLT must have approved the scheme. If so, we need to again point out the lapse on the part of NCLT not to have recognized the need to get the business transferred to an Indian registrar.


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