Loans Through SMS-Fraud Site Confirmed? had brought to the notice of the public a website through its article

We had remarked as follows:

There is an interesting website on the cyber space which promises all kinds of loans for which application can be made through SMS.

The site sports photographs of all Congress leaders including Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Dr Man Mohan Singh, Mr Pranab Mukherjee etc and claims to be a site of the Government of India.

Applications are sought through SMS at 09748643575

An investigation is required to find out if this is a fraudulent website and if so who is behind this fraud. The site is registered by a person in Siliguri and freely uses all Government symbols for promotion. It is possible that this could be another scam in which some of the politicians are involved.”

Subsequently several people have submitted comments. The most recent one is reproduced below since it is of interest to all.

vinod at wrote:

Hi, I am shocked,when I had call to CGTMSE Govt Head Office at Bandra.They told me our Govt site is and we dont know about this site or schemes.We are inviting application through Bank only. I want to aware to all of you who are applied online to this site.Dont waste time and money. Its a fake site.I dont know intenstion of scammer.I search each and ever address which is mentioned in site there are no any office. The Officers contact nos are not receive call ever.So be aware and alert. Thanks”

I hope that all readers take note of this. I thank Mr Vinod for his efforts.

In the meantime I request the Government of India to take appropriate action to ensure that the scam if any is unearthed and perpetrators are brought to book.


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2 Responses to Loans Through SMS-Fraud Site Confirmed?

  1. khalid says:

    Dear Sir,
    The alleged fake government scheme website has made many changes. as previously i examined the websites and the claims that they made via posting of images of some gazettes and certificates. I closely examined these so-called certificates and found out that they were photoshoped, also some RBI notification was too posted, i cross referenced the notification number and found out that such notification didnt exist in RBI archives. Also, the way that notification was formatted was way too forward for a document that existed in 1972. Because, the printing format used was made in MS-WORD.
    In the old website, the contact numbers of landline, when traced to the owner via online search on BSNL/MTNL site gave the addres of British Embassy. So, this blows off the lid. The other mobile number belonged to some person in New Delhi.
    Now, in the new website, the 2 mobile numbers displayed i traced unofficially, on truecaller and one of the number is named after a guy named – ‘Govt Sarkar New’ the other number displays ‘Govt Project’
    also, other numbers displayed in the contact us section are mostly fake numbers, even on online directory search of mtnl/bsnl it s=is not yeildeing any results. but on truecaller it is showing name tags like ‘Govt’, ‘Loans’, ‘officer’
    and also, i doubt that is there any ‘all india IAS association??’

    This seems to establish a level of confidence to the victims. Because in Truecaller one can become anything, very simply.
    Now many of the people may be thinking, why would someone ask for details for fake loans?? but in reality, we can postulate that this site can be a potential for harvesting mobile numbers and targetting people via social engineering, asking for credit/debit card numbers and looting the people. There are many sources for getting mobile numbers but we can think of this as to be one of them.
    Now the question lies that if this is mimicing the real government site then why is government not acting??

    • Sk.MUKHTAR Ali says:

      NAGPUR: Assuring fund of 40 lakh for small enterprises from a government scheme, two people duped an accountant of 4 lakh. The fraud case was registered at Gittikhadan police station on the complaint filed by victim Bodhiratna Fulzale.

      Manavta Nagar resident Fulazale, 22, an accountant with a construction company, told the police that he had received a call from Shaikh Ibrahim on April 30 who introduced him to an employee of a government accredited trust named Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGFTMSE).

      Ibrahim told that this trust provided loan of up to 40 lakh on very low interest and even provided subsidy from the government. Lured by the scheme, Fulzale filled an online application on the trust’s website. The website shows Indian government logo.

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