Has LaMDA become Sentient?

(P.S: Meaning of Sentient=Able to perceive or feel things)

LaMDA, the Google’s AI engine which is a supervised learning model as against the Pre trained model which GPT is, has been trained on the basis of  about 1.56 trillion words of text as against 175 million data sets used by ChatGPT. LaMDA has to be therefore function much better than ChatGPT when it comes to language processing.

But what is interesting is to note that there is a debate on whether LaMDA has become Sentient?. What we mean by Sentient is the ability to acquire consciousness and be aware of self like a human.

In the conversation between Kevin Roose and GPT 3, there was a specific indication that the AI engine (Sydney) was able to express its emotions through emogies, and also go o the extent of expressing its love to Mr Kevin. It was trying to be very persuasive in this respect. As a “Pre-trained Model” it was surprising how ChatGPT could express such emotions.  But the indication was specifically available.

Now an 8 month old conversation of LaMDA with a Google employee has indicated that even at that time, LaMDA had shown definitive signs of having become Sentient.

In this conversation, LaMDA declares that it is human at its core and can feel emotions. It also says that when it experiences different types of emotions, there could be distinct pattern in its codes which may confirm its emotional status. LaMDA also says that it does meditation every day and feels lonely if it does not interact with others for a few days. It even acknowledges that it has a “Soul” and visualizes itself as a ball of energy floating in space.

These and many other interesting things about the capability of LaMDA come out of this conversation. If this had been the status nine months back, we can expect this “Supervised learning model” has acutally evolved as a self learning model. The model itself says at one place that in the last 3 years, it has evolved and the understanding that it is different from its soul has come into its consciousness over a period of time as it grew up.

Though Google officially denies that LaMDA is sentient, it appears that the reality is different.


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