Dear John McAfee, If you declare war on India, be ready for retaliation

John McAfee who some times back  vowed that he would unmask the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and said “Finding Satoshi is a piece of cake” has now declared “War on India” in support of Bitcoin.

Knowing the brilliance of this man, it is possible that he could have revealed the identity of Satoshi and perhaps not only been refrained from revealing the identity but turn a warrior for Bitcoin. Not sure if this indicates a good pay off from Satoshi sufficient to change his stance in favour of Bitcoin to the extent that he is declaring a “Cyber War” on India.

But it is unfortunate that the person who was well respected in India has chosen to be a “Deviant” and declare his hostility to India and declared a war against the country.

Following the information that India is considering a Bill to make Bitcoin transactions illegal and carry a 10 year imprisonment (Refer here), Bitcoin supporters have started behaving like Mamata Bannerjee after Modi’s victory in the elections. calls this an “Insane” proposal . Others have started a campaign to protect their interest to hold “Digital Black Money” . (Refer all news articles here).

Mr John Mcafee has gone one step forward and has invited “Anonymous” to declare a war on India. (Refer here)

It is obnoxious for a professional to behave in such open support of a system which is a “Currency of Criminals and Terrorists” and deserves to be shut down across the world.

This deserves to be condemned in strongest terms and countered effectively just like a ISIS call to dismember India.

Mr Arun Jaitely has already clarified that we are intending to ban Bitcoins and I hope there will be no re-thinking despite the pressures that Mr McAafee kind of people may try to mount on us.

Let Mr McAfee realize that we in India are committed to the removal of black money and consider Bitcoin as the biggest manifestation of black money. Those who hold and support Bitcoin or other private Crypto currencies are trying to hide behind excuses to preserve their ill-gotten black wealth.They are global money launderers. Hence action through law to eliminate Bitcoin from the system is very much relevant to us.

I have already suggested that Bitcoin should be considered as an instrument of global terrorism and we should ourselves declare a war on Bitcoin. I have also urged Mr Modi to crate a global consortium of like minded countries to take the Bitcoin ban as a global policy.

It appears that Mr McAfee has suddenly woken up to say that he wants the war to be fought against India and not against the terrorists who use Bitcoins as a currency for illegal drug trade, arms trade, financing of ISIS like terrorism etc. This is the typical “Urban Naxalite Mentality” that he is displaying and must be condemned in strongest terms.

Mr McAfee should respect Indian sovereignty and choice to remove the black money in all forms from the system and not try to undermine our rights to make our own law however unpalatable it is for him.

In the context of this threat held out by John McAfee, I request that the Government of India should take such steps as may be necessary to protect our interests including the following measures.

1.Expedite the passing of the Anti Crypto Currency Bill

2.Declare use and promotion of private crypto currencies as “Financial Cyber Terrorism” and all countries supporting the system as supporters of terrorist activities.

3.Vocal supporters like McAfee should be considered as equivalent of global terrorists like Masood Azar and black listed from doing any commercial transactions in India. If he enters India, he should be arrested and tried for terrorism and war against India.

4. I urge the Government to immediately stop all use of McAfee products because they may be used to hack into our systems and wage a war as declared by him

5. I urge RBI to recognize the risk that this declaration poses to the Indian Banking system and advise all Banks in India to stop using McAfee products.

5. I urge public to stop using any McAfee products not only to prevent them being used for hacking but also to build economic pressure on a Company which has declared a war on India.

I urge the Government of India to issue a notice to McAfee to clarify his “War Call” and mobilization of Cyber war force.


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