Book sale at Amazon and Pricing…

Amazon is considered one of the biggest book selling platforms and lists books for sale from many publishers and distributors. However getting registered as a seller in Amazon is with certain formalities and only authorized sellers can sell their wares on the platform.

I am sure that the contract between the seller and Amazon does include prohibition of infringement of copyright or sale of fake products etc. Amazon may claim that they do their due diligence which occasionally may fail. However even in such cases, they should respond when a complaint is received.

However, is not a Cyber Law Compliant organization in India and there is no grievance redressal officer as prescribed under Information Technology Act 2000/8 (Section 79) to whom a complaint can be easily addressed. There are help e-mails but all of them are directed to product buyers and any issues related to the purchase of the product.

I recently came across what I consider as a suspected fraud for which I am seeking the explanation of 

2.Notion Press, Chennai

3. Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, Delhi

4. Bookswagon

Of the above, Atlantic and Bookswagon are selling the book for which I hold the copyright and at a price different from what I have authorized the publisher M/s Notion Press.

Had these publishers taken permission from me or Notion press, and shared the royalty, then it would have been a valid transaction. However they have not.

I am waiting for the response from Notion Press, in particular from Mr Bhargava Adepalley, Naveen Valsakumar and Jana Pillay the Co-founders and also Amazon before coming to a conclusion about their involvement in this fraud.


P.S: Since releasing the above note, I have received clarification from Notion Press as follows:

Notion press has withdrawn paper back sales on Amazon temporarily because of the COVID lock down though they continue to take direct orders for which link is available on here

Amazon has therefore opened up the paperback sales from Ingram distributors who are buying the international version and supplying it in India. These books are printed abroad and sent from there and hence the pricing is on international prices converted into INR. Notion Press has assured that the sales will be reported by Amazon in due course to Notion Press and royalty as applicable to international sales would be credited to the author’s account.

I am also informed that after Notion Press resumes supply to Amazon and Flipkart, the book’s local price would reflect.

I thank Mr Naveen Valsakumar, Co Founder and the team for providing me the clarification.

Had Amazon put a footnote that the paperback version is available from outside India when people log in from, this confusion could have been avoided.

I have made necessary edits in the first version of the post.


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Naavi is a veteran Cyber Law specialist in India and is presently working from Bangalore as an Information Assurance Consultant. Pioneered concepts such as ITA 2008 compliance, Naavi is also the founder of Cyber Law College, a virtual Cyber Law Education institution. He now has been focusing on the projects such as Secure Digital India and Cyber Insurance
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  1. Firdaus Lalkaka says:

    One of the key reasons why criminal activity, especially financial frauds are increasing astronomically, is because of most businesses getting disrupted and going into the hands of a few ultra-rich who can make planned losses till competition is driven out giving way to either a monopoly or an oligopoly. Rising population coupled with business disruption, is getting many people got out of business. This causes people to resort to cheating and defrauding others. And what motivates them even further to take on crime as a profession is a weak and corrupt judicial system and police administration !

    Criminals are the happiest lot as the shortcomings of the justice delivery system listed below works overtime in their favour !

    (1) The biggest reputations in the legal fraternity are earned by lawyers and counsels who represent “criminals“ and not the “victims” simply because that’s where the big money is to be earned! This one fact alone significantly undermines delivery of justice to the victim! While the law does gives an right to a criminal to hire the best legal counsel, in my view, as such a right enables 99% criminals to escape the law not because he is innocent but because of the legal acumen of his counsel, I personally believe criminals should be made to represent themselves rather than have access to legal counsels. This will go a long way in making EVERY lawyers fight for justice for the victim rather than in channelising his acumen in enabling a criminal escape the clutches of law.

    (2) While it is the responsibility of the State and the Centre to protect its citizens who have been wronged, the Public Prosecutors who represent the hapless victims cannot do justice on account of being overloaded with thousands of cases coupled with rampant corruption. I fail to understand why limitations are cast upon a victim to hire a legal counsel of his choice that is paid for by the State?

    (3) There’s no speedy justice – cases drag on for years and years. The number of Courts have not kept pace with the increase in population. And to top it all, half the time in Courts everyday is wasted in giving adjournments! I fail to understand why there no provision in the law to put a cap on the number of adjournments that can be granted ? And I fail to understand why Courts need to build a daily roster of 250-300 cases when it’s impossible for any Judge to hear even 10% that number!

    (4) Justice is expensive and very time consuming – hence it eludes most people. This is the primary reason why, most victims either don’t approach Courts OR give up after they see no closure for years!

    (5) Then there’s corruption which prevents justice from being done! Corruption occurs when the system has loopholes. Take for example the discretionary powers a judge has. He can lower or increase the quantum of judgement as per his whim and fancy! There is no provision in law to punish a judge who has given a judgement that is prima face flawed ! The laws need to be amended to clearly define the quantum of punishment leaving no room for discretion. This itself will reduce the number of appeals on this count alone.

    Hence, a lot needs to be done to straighten up the justice delivery system as well as the reduce the rampant corruption in the police department as that alone can contribute in increasing deterrence to commission of criminal acts.

    Even a person as aware and knowledgeable as you would take years and years to get justice. That’s the sad reality!

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