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Theory of Dynamic Personal Data

“Personal Data” is the object of data protection regulations such as the upcoming Data Protection Act of India, the DISHA 2018, as well as other laws such as GDPR and… Continue reading

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The GDPR dilemma… Am I a Data Controller? or a Data Processor?

…be recognized as the “Data Controller”. The Data buyers like the Data consumers place their request for data with a category specification and donot say which data subject’s data they… Continue reading

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Understanding the GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

…GDPR. What is a Data Protection Officer? A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is required under GDPR rules to manage and implement an organization’s data protection policies. This applies to any… Continue reading

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GDPR Compliance Checklist for Indian Companies

…laws regarding data protection and also to suggest more contemporary regulations to be put in place. This Bill specifically focuses on the data protection regulations for protecting the personal dataContinue reading

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Why We need a Data Breach Protection Act rather than Data Protection Act

…the data subject or the data processor or the data controller who actually instructs the data processor to process the data in a particular manner. Under the Copyright law, the… Continue reading

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Anonymization and Avatars of Data

“Anonymization” takes personal data out of the purview of most data protection regulations. Hence it is one of the objectives of data protection compliance managers to mitigate the data protectionContinue reading

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