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Why Naavi thinks that Bitcoins should be banned in India?

…be clean till the miner of that particular Bitcoin, it is risky to buy Bitcoin. Secondly, I was also clear that Bitcoin should not be called a “Currency” since any… Continue reading

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RBI …Bitcoin

…the Bitcoin by criminals, Naavi has clarified his view on Bitcoins. Presently in the Indian Context, Naavi is advocating an express ban on Bitcoins. See other recent articles to know… Continue reading

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Bitcoin… Of the Criminals, By the Criminals, For the Criminals

…1 bitcoin (1 bitcoin can be reduced into units of bitcoins starting from a Satoshi which is 1 bitcoin divided by 100 million). As it is, Bitcoin addresses are anonymous… Continue reading

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Your Bitcoin Wallet may vanish into thin air…If so, Will you blame RBI? or SEBI? or Modi?

Bitcoin can be traced to a block chain and the transactions that identify Bitcoin wallets. As long as these Bitcoin wallets remain anonymous, there is no way that the Exchange… Continue reading

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Supreme Court should declare Bitcoin as prevent Mr Modi gaining a higher moral ground

…aware that the Bitcoin merchants are promoting “Bitcoin” as a “Currency” and not as any other innocent commodity. The fundamental philosophy of Bitcoin is that there should be no central… Continue reading

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Bitcoin Theft… A challenge to Law Enforcement…Case should be transferred to CBI

…create a case for sympathizing with people who might have invested in Bitcoin directly or in a business related to Bitcoin. While technically, Bitcoin is “An Electronic Document” and is… Continue reading

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