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Journalist Nidhi Razdan duped

In a classic web based fraud, NDTV journalist Ms Nidhi Razdan appears to have fallen prey to an Internet scam according to which she was offered a position of “Associate Professor of Journalism” which prompted her to resign her job … Continue reading

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Union Bank of India should learn to protect its Digital Assets

[In continuation of the previous Article] Naavi has been advocating that Digital Assets need to be accounted for in the balance sheets of its owners. Today it is only under the Personal Data Protection Standard of India or PDPSI that a … Continue reading

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Union Bank of India will be facilitating Phishing by Ignorance and Negligence

Union Bank of India is considered one of the better managed banks in India and RBI recently merged Corporation Bank and Andhra Bank with Union Bank. Both the merged Banks had decades of history and brand name amongst its customers.  … Continue reading

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Using publicly available data under GDPR

Many organizations involved in market research often collect data from publicly available sources such as Google Searches, Social media postings etc. This information is processed and some useful market information is gathered. This may also be commercially traded as market … Continue reading

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WhatsApp relegates India to the Third World of Privacy Regulation

The revision of WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Terms has brought to light why an organization which is working in a multinational environment need adopt the approach taken by PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India)  for compliance. The first thing … Continue reading

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WhatsApp needs to change its Jurisdiction clause in the Terms or else, exit from India.

WhatsApp has announced a new Privacy Policy and Terms of use effective from 8th February 2021. Since then there have been a series of debates in the media about the impact of the change and how should users react. Most … Continue reading

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