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Justice B N Srikrishna on Personal Data Protection

An interesting webinar had been organized today by a group of Legal professionals from Mumbai in which justice B N Srikrishna spoke about the Data Protection Act.¬† As the architect of the Indian law on Data Protection which is presently … Continue reading

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How Politicians are conspiring indirectly to bring bad name to PDPB 2019

Yesterday we had a spectacle of Mr Arnab Goswami the well known journalist being subjected to 12 hours of grilling by the Mumbai Police on an FIR against¬† his uttering against Sonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi, the leader of Congress … Continue reading

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You Tube ..hypocrisy when it comes to Freedom of Speech?

The above face is a familiar face to many on the You Tube. This person has been posting many interesting videos particularly of ancient archaeological sites in India, Cambodia and many other places focussing on many interesting points which no … Continue reading

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Changing Face of Cyber Threats to corporate entities

As the country has moved into the digital way of doing Business, Governance and conducting personal life, the threats of various kinds arising from the use of computers, mobiles and other devices that work on “Data” have only increased. Technology … Continue reading

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Data On the Run… Panel Discussion at MMA Chennai In case you need any further assistance contact MMA Chennai:

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Sprinklr Privacy Policy may be inadequate for data protection

The PIL filed against the Kerala Government and Sprinklr in the Covid patient data processing contract has brought before the Kerala high Court one of the first real tests of the Privacy Protection principle in India The Court has in … Continue reading

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