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True Caller is abetting Cyber Frauds in India… Is it only a compromise? or Is it Recklessness?

True Caller is a reasonably popular mobile App which many mobile users in India have downloaded and installed. When the user receives a call from another True Caller user, though his name may not be in the contact list of … Continue reading

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Bug Bounty Policy as part of Corporate Governance Responsibilities

Software is a unique industry where from Operating Systems to applications, programs are released for public use, without any real commitment from the software developers as to whether the program is free from vulnerabilities. In fact, vulnerabilities give raise to … Continue reading

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A Bug in a Mobile Wallet and 5 techies end in Jail.. Where was the Bug Bounty Program?

The recently reported fraud in Kolkata where five engineering students were arrested for a Bank Wallet fraud involving Rs 8.6 crores is an incident to ponder. (See the report in TOI here). According to the report, the persons arrested were … Continue reading

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Flipkart CEO’s E mail hacked…

In an interesting development of how even tech savvy CEOs often become victims of Cyber Crimes, it is reported (See the Report here) that Flipkart CEO’s E mail was hacked and two mails were sent from it to the company’s … Continue reading

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Flipkart blacklists Sellers for malpractice

In a bid to check fraudulent practices by sellers, Flipkart has instituted a “Mystery Shopping” team and found several malpractices including, a) Supply of substandard products b) Selling of Counterfeit products c) Buying out competitor’s products and returning them d) … Continue reading

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Cheque In Electronic Form, redefined, Implications on E Banking

Section 6 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 defined the term “Cheque” as follows: A “cheque” is a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand. This section was amended … Continue reading

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