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Botnet steals US$6 million from advertisers

Simulating visitors to a website who click on advertisements, a botnet named “Chameleon” is reported to have stolen around US$ 6 million in the form of false clicks on advertisements. The botnet used about 120000 hosts simulating the ad-clicking. Report:  … Continue reading

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Cyber attack on South Korea

South Korean networks were down in what is believed to be a Cyber Attack from North Korea. The attack has crippled Bank transactions including the ATM networks. Report here:

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MD5 to SHA256..but password cracking becomes easier

In an interesting evelations, it is stated that CISCO has recently started using a different method for storing user’s passwords which involves shifting from MD5 to SHA 256 which makes passwords more vulnerable to cracking. We are aware that MD5 … Continue reading

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