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Naming and Shaming of Rapists

After the gory gang rape in Delhi which has attracted unprecedented national attention, the Government of India which is directly in charge of the security of the National Capital, Delhi has announced that they will start a national database of … Continue reading

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Hackers hold Australian Health records hostage

A group of Russian hackers are reportedly holding medical records of an Australian Clinic hostage and demanding a ransom of Australian $400 million. The cyber criminals hacked into the server of the clinic and encrypted the records and demanding ransom … Continue reading

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When you pick up a glass of water…

Next time when you pick up a glass of water in some body’s place, be careful, your finger print could be picked out of the glass and used to impersonate you. Social engineering attacks in future may therefore start with … Continue reading

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Bank fraud of 1.05 crores

In an interesting fraud a Mumbai based cooperative bank found that Rs 1.05 crores was fraudulently transferred out of its account with another public sector bank by fraudulent RTGS transfers. TOI report The amount has been transferred to 12 different … Continue reading

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End of the World..

Year 2012 did not bring the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan Calender. But incidents in Delhi following the brutal rape and assault on a girl and the subsequent developments indicate that the end of the world … Continue reading

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3.84 lakh Aadhar cards cancelled

UIDAI has reportedly cancelled about 3.84 lakh Aadhar registrations done under “no finger print category” recognizing widespread fraud in the creation of the IDs. Money spent on these registrations in the form of commissions paid by the Government is a … Continue reading

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