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Ad Blocking, Privacy Rights, Computer Contaminants, Spamming and Cyber Laws in India

India is presently in the process of re-writing some of the Cyber laws regarding a) Privacy… through the Supreme Court’s view on whether Privacy is a Fundamental Right? b) Data… Continue reading

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Mobile Apps.. Guidelines on Privacy

– “special notices” or the combination of a short privacy statement and privacy controls – to draw users’ attention to data practices that may be unexpected and to enable them… Continue reading

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Privacy Rights..Let’s preserve for the next generation.

Privacy” is a concept most dear to human right activists and is considered as an important pillar of democracy. Constitutions of all democratic countries swear by Privacy Rights to its… Continue reading

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New Privacy Compliance Initiative from

…web site (Privacy Knowledge Center) Presently, will host information and articles on the privacy protection regime as collated and presented by Naavi. It may therefore start as a… Continue reading

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Why We need a Data Breach Protection Act rather than Data Protection Act

…Protection Act” will operationalize the “Informational Privacy” as discussed in the judgement. After the judgement, there is already a discussion on whether mobile information is subject to Privacy and whether… Continue reading

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Data Protection Act.. We should aim at Compliance with Pleasure not Compliance with Pain.

…conclusion on “What is Privacy”. The order did not specify the definition but said Privacy is a fundamental right. So the task before the Data Protection Act legislators include defining… Continue reading

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