Course on Cyber Laws/Information Technology Act

Cyber Law College, a division of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd has been conducting Cyber Law Courses since October 2000. It had also placed three courses on Apna

In order to enable interested persons access the course material in the form of a set of 9 videos have been provided below.

The videos can be  collectively subscribed at a total price of Rs 5000/- (+ GST@18%)

Payment can be remitted here through this link.

The video links for those who subscribe to all the videos would be sent separately through e-mail within 24 hours.

The videos will be live for a period of 3 months from the subscription of the first video and will expire thereafter.

Clarifications if any may be directed to Naavi through email.

The contents in each of the video are as follows.

Video 1:  Legislative History, Case discussions

Video 2: Overview of ITA 2000, Key Definitions, Electronic Signature

Video 3: Digital Contract Law

Video 4:  Domain Name laws

Video 5: Civil Wrongs, Adjudication, Cyber Appellate Tribunal

Video 6: Offences

Video 6a: Digital Evidence-Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act

Video 7: Legal aspects of Security

Video 8: Compliance aspects ..Section 43A, Sec 79

The total running time for all the videos put together is 13.23 hours.