Activities under CLCC

CLCC proposes to undertake several activities towards increase of the Cyber Law Compliance in the industry. This requires

a) Conducting Cyber Law Awareness Programs in the Companies on invitation

b) Conducting ITA 2008 gap analysis and  Providing Consultancy towards ITA 2008 compliance

c) Providing Consultancy towards improving the Cyber Insurance Readiness of an organization

d) Conducting Personal Data Protection (PDPA) awareness programs

e) Conducting PDPA Compliance consultancy audits and providing consultancy.

d)Conducting HIPAA Awareness Programs and  Providing Consultancy for  HIPAA Compliance

e) Conducting a Techno Legal Feasibility study for an e-Business Project

f) Providing Cyber Evidence Archival Support

g) Providing Trusted Third party disclaimer service for domain name conflicts

h) Providing Cyber-Notice service support

i) Providing e-Ombudsman support

j) Providing e-arbitration support

k) Providing centralized policy document support for Mobile Apps


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