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Building a Responsible Cyber Society…Since 1998


Cyber Law College

Cyber Law College is a dedicated virtual educational institution started by Naavi in 2000.

It is not a traditional law college and does not sport a building and class rooms in physical space. It only conducts distance learning type courses on the Internet using online interactions.

When Cyber Law College started its activities, there were virtually no other college imparting similar education. However over the years some colleges and universities have started education in Cyber Laws. Naavi himself is associated with some of those activities.

Hence Cyber Law College has now started focusing more on corporate training and sponsored workshops with certification. Additionally Cyber Law College continues to encourage other organizations to take up Cyber Law Education in physical space through franchise arrangements.

As an entity Cyber Law College is a division of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited.

For details of Courses and other information click here.

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