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RBI needs to Fight with Mazar Virus rather than fighting with the Government

The Reserve Bank of India is in the news for picking up a fight with the Central Government on the right to use its reserves in a manner it deems fit. The fight whether RBI is over capitalized with the … Continue reading

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Digital Banking in India is now under a serious threat… RBI needs to wake up

India has adopted a Governance policy involving high dependency on Digital Banking and this technological shift in Banking has the blessings of the Government, the RBI and also the Banks. Government is happy with Digital Banking because it is an … Continue reading

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Supreme Court should declare Bitcoin as prevent Mr Modi gaining a higher moral ground

I as a citizen of India place this information for the attention of the honourable Supreme Court and demand that the Court should take into account the adverse effect that the Bitcoin regularization may have on the Indian Society before … Continue reading

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“Innovation Behind Bars” … Who is Nakoshi Sakamoto? Time to cancel the Bail for Unocoin has carried an article titled “ Innovation Behind Bars: the arrest of India’s first Bitcoin ‘ATM’ Operators”. It has made several comments on the arrest of the founders of who owned the ATM which was installed in a mall … Continue reading

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Mumbai High Court raises the issue of Double Jeopardy

[Report in Hindustan Times, Mumbai Edition, 6th Nov 2018] An interesting judgement has been reported from Mumbai High Court yesterday (5th November 2018) in the case of  State of Maharashtra vs Gagan Varma and Shagun Varma which has tried to … Continue reading

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