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Suggestions on Modification of ITA 2008

There is an exercise going on in Delhi to modify ITA 2008. Last time when ITA 2000 was amended, the trigger was the case where the CEO of (now was prosecuted under Section 85 of ITA 2000 … Continue reading

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Why I think Mobile Wallets will not Die..but evolve

Recently there is some discussion on whether in the current context of multiple digital payment systems being in place, the “Mobile Wallets” have lost their relevance. Economic Times carried an article recently  which declared “Here is why the flavour of … Continue reading

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Cyber Alliance of India Formed

 A group of Cyber Security Volunteers have come together to form a forum called “Cyber Security Alliance of India” with an objective of working towards Information security issues in the context of the current developments in India. The alliance has … Continue reading

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Gait Recognition solves the molestation mystery…Good work by Bengaluru Police

Over the last week, the media has been lambasting Bengaluru police for the couple of molestation complaints received during and immediately after the New Year celebrations in Bengaluru. TV channels including Times Now, NDTV, India Today and News X revelled … Continue reading

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Will Ravishankar Prasad show the same courage as Mr Modi?

Recently, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MeitY) has come out with a notification under Section 79 A of ITA 2008 indicating the norms for notification of a Government agency as an “Electronic Evidence Examiner” who can be called … Continue reading

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Digital Evidence Examiner .. More on the notification..and on ” Compliance Tax”

(This is a continuation of the previous article found here) ITA 2008 introduced a new section Section 79A under Chapter XIIA in which the following was narrated. Section 79A:  Central Government to notify Examiner of Electronic Evidence The Central Government … Continue reading

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