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Brand Ambassador of Digital India Program wins the International Award….

The officials at the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) must be congratulating themselves on the excellent work done by their search committee  which found out and recommended  Sri Ankit Fadia to be appointed as the Brand Ambassador for … Continue reading

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Lesson to DeitY- Who is a Brand Ambassador?

The DeitY has recently been in the news for its decision to appoint “Brand Ambassadors” for the Digital India Programme. My previous post on this subject in these columns has suggested that there are moles in DeitY who are trying to derail … Continue reading

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Are there Trojans in DeitY trying to spoil the Digital India Project?

Ravi Shankar Prasad as the Minister of Communication and Technology occupies a key position in the Modi cabinet. His ministry is also critical to the image of Mr Modi himself who is pushing the Digital India Concept world over. On … Continue reading

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Private Enterprise Reacts positively to support DeitY on Secure Digital India

As Prime Minister Modi concludes his historic visit of the US west Coast aggressively selling the concept of Digital India to the US tech industry, back in India, it is recognized that the Digital India initiatives need to be supported … Continue reading

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Modi introduces the concept of “Personal Sector” beyond the Public and Private Sectors

The Digital India vision of Mr Modi has been making rounds in the tech circles in San Jose. During his interactions with the techies, it was notable to observe that Modi did mention about Privacy Protection, Cyber Security and Intellectual … Continue reading

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One crime to hide another crime.. $ 10 million goes down the drain for two Mumbai Companies

In what should be an eye opener to the Corporate Sector, Law Enforcement and the Government, it is reported that two Indian conglomerates were forced to pay $5 million each to hackers who blackmailed them. Refer Report in ET Refer … Continue reading

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