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Government Fails to understand the Uber business model

The incident in Delhi involving a Uber taxi driver (a known criminal convicted earlier) committing rape of a girl using the taxi service to get a drop back to her house at around midnight after attending a party and pub has exposed … Continue reading

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Uber failed in ITA 2008 Compliance

Before we proceed, let me make one point clear. Banning of Uber and other “App Based Taxi Services” is completely unacceptable. It is an immature reaction to the incident and should be reversed immediately. We need to learn from the … Continue reading

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Cost of Data Breach in India

Business Managers always have  difficulty in appreciating the need for investment in Information Security. Money is always a scarce resource in any organization and there are always competing demands. Managers often prefer a marketing investment against an IS investment since … Continue reading

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Section 66A and Section 79 of ITA 2008 at Supreme Court

Hindustan Times has reported (Refer: Article  “SC warns govt over gagging social media” in Hindustan Times ) that the Supreme Court has demanded that the Government submits its views to the Court within one week and threatened that it may otherwise keep … Continue reading

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