Naavi’s E Books

Naavi was the author of the first book on Cyber Laws in India titled “Cyber Laws For Every Netizen in India” which was released 0n 9th December 2000 in Chennai. Since then Naavi has authored several books. Some of the earlier books are now available free in E Book form. There are also a few E Books which are presently on sale.

The details of the books are as follows:

Books Current and Available as E Books only:

Electronic Signatures Made Easy (Version 2016)…Rs 100

Cyber Crimes& ITA 2008 … Rs 300/-

Cyber Laws for Engineers … Rs 400/-

Cyber Laws for Every one … Rs 150/–

Free E Books:

Cyber Laws for Every Netizen-2004

ITAA 2005-You Be The Judge

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Cyber Laws for Every Netizen

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