Cyber Democracy
It's the Right of Netizens

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List of Articles on Cyber Governance

Title Author Date
WSIS- Speech made by Mr Arun Shourie   December 2003
WSIS Action Plan   December 2003
Declaration of Principles-WSIS   December 2003

WSIS Website

Smart E-Governance Naavi September 30, 2003
Blocking of Yahoo-Groups- Ignorance? or Arrogance? Naavi September 24, 2003
Smart Cards for Citizen ID..Let's Not Build Castles in the Air Naavi September 24, 2003
Smart Cards and Their Limitations Naavi September 16, 2003
E-Governance Projects and Reduction of Cost Naavi September 4, 2003
Free Public Access For Scientific Knowledge Naavi February 12, 2003
Internet is a  Great Medium..  It is a pity some misuse it. Naavi February 10, 2003
Protect Indian Cyber Space from IPR Predators Naavi October 30, 2002
Is There an Alternative to ICANN ? Naavi October 10, 2002

ICC's high handedness Vindicates Convergence Act

Naavi September 20, 2002
Yahoo Concedes Chinese Rights To Censorship Naavi August 20, 2002
Proposal for Blocking Yahoo and Hotmail by Indian ISPs Naavi July 28, 2002
Articles at Hans Klein Various Dates

Danish Court Objects to Deep Linking

Naavi July 10, 2002

After Bucharest, What Should India do?

Naavi July 5, 2002

ICANN Adopts the Nomcom Approach of Governance

Naavi July 3, 2002

ICANN Proposes Grace Period for Domain Name Renewals

Naavi July 1, 2002
Naavi's Views on ICANN Bucharest Meeting Naavi June 2002

Cyber Democracy on Test



A Declaration of Independence by Netizens?



Cyber Space was Born Free.. But is Found every where in Chains..1



Regulation -By the Netizens, For the Netizens and Of the Netizens. 


E-Governance should be Citizen centric



Naavi's Initiatives on CAS Regulation

Cable TV Regulation in India-Draft Comments Naavi January 17, 2004
Ministry Officials Refuse to Budge on CAS-Pay Channels to further hike the rates ? Naavi September 10, 2003
Is This the Consumer Friendly CAS that the PM Promised? Naavi September 6, 2003
"Yes to CAS and No to STB" or "Yes to STB and No to CAS?" Naavi September 5, 2003
STBs required even for Free Channels?? Naavi September 3, 2003
CAS Regime....Issues still to be Resolved Naavi June 13, 2003
Spam Enters Indian TV Broadcasting Naavi May 12, 2003

Naavi's Initiatives on Communication Convergence Bill-Second Draft

Convergence Bill-More dangerous than the Carnivore? Naavi July 27, 2001
-Netizens and Fellow Countrymen, Arise Awake and Stop Not until Freedom is Restored  !!! Naavi July 26, 2001

Naavi's Initiatives on Communication Convergence Bill-First Draft

Naavi's suggestions on Communication Convergence Bill Naavi February 28, 2001
Seminar on Communication Convergence Bill Naavi and New Media Forum, Chennai February 25, 2001

Naavi's views on Communication Convergence Bill-First Draft

Naavi February 2001

Previous Activities of Netizen's Forum

Naavi and Others

September 2000


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