Cyber Democracy
It's the Right of Netizens

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Cyber Democracy Movement has been initiated by Naavi (Founder of and  in order to develop a Netizen's Forum which is concerned about and would work for the rights of the Netizens.

Initially the movement would focus Indian Netizens and later it would look for developing associates in other countries who will collaborate with Naavi and extend the activities in to other countries.

The main objective of the movement is to bring together people who belong to the Cyber space and are willing to fight for the cause of Cyber Democracy, namely regulation of the Cyber Space of the Netizens, for the Netizens, by the Netizens.

The Cyber Democracy Movement is presently in the formation  phase where the immediate goal is to develop membership.

In the second phase, the forum would develop a working methodology by which members can interact.

In the third phase the forum will take up issues for presentation to the respective regulatory authorities on a case to case basis.

The movement would look forward to assistance from all similar minded individuals and organizations.

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