Cyber Democracy
It's the Right of Netizens

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Cyber Space was born free but is found every where in Chains. The growing influence of Commerce in the internet space has brought with it the inevitable restrictions in the freedom.

In any civilized society, Community living automatically means some voluntary curbs on freedom and privacy. So even on the Cyber space, it is reasonable to expect that the Netizens have to give up some part of their freedom and Privacy so that people can come together, exchange resources and prosper. To ensure a harmonious living, it is necessary to have reasonable regulations that resolve common conflicts but do not hinder the basic Netizen's rights.

Striking a balance between regulation and freedom is an onerous task and is not always successful. The regulators always feel that they need "Teeth" to regulate with stiff laws and stiffer punishments. Citizens always feel that they are adults and they have freedom to do what they want.

As more and more regulations come to play in the Cyber space, there is a risk of the regulation strangling freedom that has been the hall mark of the Cyber society. Since most of the regulations are today written and executed by Meta society regulators, they tend to underplay the concerns of the Netizens and reflect a tendency to protect the Meta Society interests from the Netizens.

The objective of is to campaign for Regulation for Cyber Space of the Netizens, By the Netizens, and It is the birth right of all freedom loving Netizens.

Does this conflict with the Meta Space regulation?.. Not if we think that Netizens belong to a Cyber Space which has the right of distinct existence. 

No doubt every Netizen is also a Citizen of some country and is bound by the laws of that country. Not much different from the Citizens of one country who travel through another country and during such temporary stay respect and abide by such regulations as the host country may impose on them.

Do all Americans approve the laws of Saudi Arabia or China?.. Even then, are not many Americans living in peace and harmony in those countries pursuing their profession and business which is not in conflict with the local laws?

Similarly, why can't the Meta Space Citizens agree that when they act as Netizens, they regulate themselves through a separate set of laws which apply to the Cyber Society which has its own borders, culture and identity?

Cyber does not promote absolute freedom because such freedom exists only in jungles which are un inhibited. If a space is inhibited by 200 million persons which could roughly be the population of Cyber space, there is a need to develop a "Responsible Cyber Society" that respects the diversity of population and believes in harmonious living. It will have regulation but drawn from the community that understands the society better and need not be imposed from the barrel of the gun of a Meta society regulator.

This may be a thought little ahead of time, but nevertheless, a thought which needs debate and consideration.

This site will dedicate itself to the discussion on Cyber Democracy and invites visitors to send their comments to Naavi.


February 23, 2002


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