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Auditors who look Beyond the Obvious

With the growing use of Computers in every aspect of business, the role of auditors in Banking and other Corporate environments have undergone a sea change. ..a need has been felt for specialized "Fraud Auditors" whose primary focus is to identify and analyse "Fraud Risks" in a Computerized accounting environment....which can be referred to as "Forensic Audit"....More

Indian Banking System Introduces Electronic Fund Transfers

On March 26, 2004, Indian Banking System established a key milestone when the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement System) went live at 9.00 am.With the enabling of the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) amongst member institutions, around 3000 branches of Banks in India are now expected to be capable of transfer of funds electronically.

An effective utilization of the facility of instant fund transfer across branches of Banks will go a long way in improving the profitability of Banks in the competitive scenario. It also poses reasonably tough challenges in Cyber Law and Regulation Compliance, failure of which may result in the membership of the Bank being cancelled...>More

CyLawCom Certification of Cyber Cafes in Chennai

In another pioneering effort aimed at developing a responsible Cyber Society, Cyber Law College will be starting CyLawCom Certification of Cyber Cafes in Chennai on request. Under the scheme, CyLawCom examiners authorized by Cyber Law College will inspect the Cyber Cafe on invitation, conduct an audit and certify the CyLawCom status of the Cyber Cafe. ..More

Mobile Technology Needs To Be Upgraded

The sending of mass voice messages over mobile phones during elections by the political parties has opened up problems for the roaming service users. The cost of receiving a roaming call is on the subscriber and there is a need to stop unauthorized roaming calls to be put through. There should therefore be two kinds of facilities in every mobile service. Firstly, the subscriber should have the option to switch off and on the roaming facility at his discretion. When the roaming is switched off,  caller should be alerted before the call is connected,  for a confirmation and the cost of STD should be shifted to the caller's account. If this technology upgradation is not made immediately, the industry will have to face "Spam" charges and many dissatisfied customers...Related Article in ET

e-TDS- Becomes Mandatory..Raises Legal Questions

In its bid to improve efficiency of the TDS system, the  Tax authorities in India have mandated that Corporate assesses shall file the TDS return only in a new e-TDS format.

What needs to be noted is that the procedure involves writing a covering letter on paper enclosing an electronic document which is not authenticated by means of a digital signature as is prescribed under the ITA-2000.

This could lead to a bad precedent of creating a quasi legal status for the authentication of electronic documents through covering letters.

The department could have simplified the process by at least insisting that the covering letter should contain the MD5 hash of the enclosed electronic file.

I urge the department to immediately notify appropriate changes to the e-TDS system and let the current year return to be filed as in the past through paper system....More

Rights on Virtual Assets created by Sports

The controversy over the telecast of Indo-Pak Cricket series has opened up an interesting debate on the right over the Sports event.

The change in the law if contemplated therefore has to take into account the "Rights of the Sovereign Government on Assets Created out of Sports Events either held in India or in which the Indian Sports persons participate". .Such a  law may provide for "Compulsory Exhibition" in the territory of the national broadcaster. (Similar to Compulsory License in respect of Patents)....More

TRAI Stand on Cable TV Tariff

Executive vice president Ashok Manshukhani of HTMT expressed the unhappiness of the Multi system operators (MSOs) about the reported move of  Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai)  to regulate cable TV prices for three years in a seminar in Mumbai.

Details in EFE

A  Sohonet Customer Calls

At the request of a Netizen, the following message is being posted for the information of the visitors.

Dear Sir, I am a victim of Sohonet India's fraud schemes & I would like to unite all the victims of sohonet india and take a serious action against this company, i request you to post this message on your site, my e-mail id is, so i request all the victims of Rajasthan to mail me their details so that we can contact them and take necessary action against them. Thanking you,  Nitin Tater : Tel: 0141-2202168, Cell: 0-9414249751 .

Naavi has no comment on the issue at this point of time and the posting of this letter is in no way to be construed as any endorsement of the opinion expressed here in.

To Complain or Not To Complain...

In recent days, there is an increasing awareness in the public about Cyber Crimes. ...However, victims of Cyber Crimes continue to be confronted with the doubt from time to time whether they should approach the Police when a crime is committed...Should a victim be afraid of filing a complaint? What if he does not?..Read Here

Outsourcing Controversy is a Clash of Two Societies

The Outsourcing controversy that is threatening to slow down the growth of the Indian IT industry is a clash of the two societies namely the Cyber Society and the Meta Society...

India which has a strong set of Cyber Society  workers, should take the lead in strengthening the hands of  Cyber Democracy by strongly opposing the anti-BPO movement and enable the Netizens irrespective of their Citizenship to pursue business opportunities wherever they arise. ..More

Buying Process Modification and Optimal Solutions

India has carved out a niche for itself in the world as a leading player and a major provider of technical manpower skills to the IT industry on a global scale. As a corollary, India should be a leader in the implementation of E-Governance solutions and in providing leading technologies to this segment of business.  But this does not appear to be the case.

 Why is it that Indian E-Governance sector not reached its full potential? Is there lack of effort from the Government? Or Lack or support from the IT industry? Or Lack of Funds? Or Is it because we are not looking in the right direction for solutions?... .. are points discussed by Naavi in this article first published in a publication of Assocham. ... More

Workshop on Cyber Law Compliant Ethical Hacker

In its continued bid to develop Techno Legal Cyber Security Professionals, Cyber Law College proposes to conduct a four day workshop in Bangalore during  the first week of April 2004. The programme will discuss skills and knowledge required for an Ethical hacker and participants of the programme will be given a certificate as "Certified Information Security Administrator". For the first time in such programmes, apart from the technical aspects of ethical hacking such as Network Penetration Testing skills the programme will also cover the legal compliance angle in detail so as to create a Cyber Law Compliant Ethical Hacker. Enquiries for registration may be sent to Only a limited number of entries would be accepted and registrations will be closed as soon as the registration is completed.

Communication Convergence Bill Remembered

The ongoing controversy with Ten Sports channel on the broadcasting of Indo-Pak Cricket series has brought the attention back on the rights of the State in ensuring broadcasting of events of national and international events.

At present it appears that the Government has two options. The first being promulgation of an ordinance to the effect equivalent to the Section 31 of the shelved Communication Convergence Bill 2001 or to enter into an arrangement with Pakistan TV to take the feed into the Doordarshan channel.

Either way, the happenings in the next few days are interesting to watch....More

Information Security is the New Job Churner

The demand for IS professionals is expected grow to over 188,000 worldwide by 2008 as against 93,058 in 2004 according to Nasscomís Strategic Review 2004 of the IT industry in India..This skill set is being exclusively built by Cyber Law College through it's Certified CyLawCom Examiner programme.

Professionals with certain basic qualifications can now register themselves as Provisional CyLawCom examiners and start their journey into the new career immediately....More

Security Concerns hinder Outsourcing to India..The Solution is here.

According  to a report in Economic Times it is reported that a Gartner study states that by 2004, over 80 per cent of US companies will consider outsourcing critical IT services , including software development, to countries such as India, Russia and Eastern Europe. Many companies are reported to have cited security concerns as hindering outsourcing.  The CyLawCom Certification designed and recommended by Cyber  Law College addresses the need to prepare Indian organizations to meet the concerns of the outsourcing partners by studying the Techno Legal risks in the organization's business process and providing the guidelines to meet them.

Related Article in New York Times : 30 Little Turtles

Digital Intrusion of Privacy

Privacy Intrusion has got a new meaning with the emergence of the Mobile Phones with Cameras. Now taking pictures on the fly and sending it across the globe through an e-mail has become easy.  Use of mobile phones in public places is already a common habit. However, taking pictures of strangers or even of friends without permission is increasingly is a growing menace which needs to be addressed before it starts damaging the social fabric...One of the latest additions to the threat is from the "Digital Binoculars" that can see and take pictures from a distance of 1 mile as the ad for the product claims...More

Nasscom Report on IT Security Opportunities

Economic Times has highlighted the Nasscom Report which has been quoted earlier at which highlights the increased job opportunities to IS (Information Security) aware professionals. Cyber Law College has already introduced a curriculum which is exclusively devoted to the development of skill sets required by an IS professionals in the form of  a course on Techno Legal Cyber Security. Those professionals who already posess the necessary skills are also provided an opportunity to get their skills certified through a formal process as "Certified CyLawCom Examiners" through an open examination process.

Want a job? Learn IT security skills..TOI

Details on CyLawCom Examiner to initiate Action Against

The activities of some of the operators like in registering domain names belonging to others and selling for profit makes a mockery of the Trademark laws. While one school of thought particularly from USA holds that Trade Mark rights have to be rigidly applied to domain names, the activities of and the like goes directly counter to the accepted principles. It has now been observed that which was under negotiation (Necessitated by the attitude of Network Solutions for over charging )  has been booked by which is trying to sell it for over US $ 688. Warning Notices have been served on and the registrars Name King advising them of the infringement on 3rd March 2004. Any buyers who may unwarily buy the domain name will also be liable for damages and Buydomains will be guilty of cheating them. Further followup is contemplated if no positive response is received from, March 06, 2004

Bank E-Mail Fraud...Also reported from Australia reported the Citi Bank E-mail fraud on 27th February, 2004 which was aimed at stealing th log in ID and password details of an unsuspecting customer. A similar fraud has also been reported from Australia. According to the report the fraud also involved forging of the digital identity of the Bank site. Safe Internet Banking therefore requires an effective Cyber Risk sensitization of the Customers. Details of the Australian Fruad

Cable TV in Chennai back..and...Gone Again..What Next?

After the removal of CAS, Cable TV operators in Chennai were proposing to charge RS 350/- per month against Rs 250/- which was being charged before the CAS was introduced in September 2003. Now it is reported that the Chennai High Court has issued a stay on the cancellation of the CAS. ....

It is suggested that the TN State Government should interplead on behalf of the public in the case to request the court .... More

Saudi Arabia Bans Camera Phones

Possibility of privacy violation by taking pictures of women  using mobile cameras has prompted Saudi Arabia to ban use of Camera phones. In some countries such as Scotland, Camera Phones are banned in schools.

In India too some companies have already imposed restrictions on entry of persons with Camera phones into the Corporate offices. Elsewhere, there is an attempt to enforce "Privacy Zones" where camera phone functionality is disabled through use of special transmitters and embedded software.

However, this may not protect the common man or woman on the street whose privacy is likely to be violated with any irresponsible use of the Camera Phones. The TV ads used by Camera Phone manufacturers in fact promote such violation as a norm. This is therefore a matter of concern for the public, more so since India does not have any Privacy laws. Perhaps an immediate amendment to ITA-2000 including unauthorized photography as one of the offences liable for penalties under Section 43 is required to protect the interests of the public.

Article in

DECSS Verdict Reversed Again

US Courts have been taking conflicting decisions again and again on the several Cyber Space issues. In a recent verdict, a California appeals court on Friday reversed a 4-year-old order barring the publication of a DVD-cracking tool on the Internet, finding the injunction violated the defendant's free speech rights. The court held that the original order infringed "Freedom of Speech" and also that reverse engineering is presumptively legal.

Technical Solutions to end e-mail spoofing under development

Recognizing the problems of easy spoofing of e-mails, Microsoft and Yahoo  are working on different solutions to authenticate mails. Microsoft is working on introducing "Caller ID" based on registered mail server IP addresses, yahoo is working on the digital signature based authentication. Some other companies are also working on similar solutions. Yahoo's approach appears to be the most logical...Details in USA Today

Verisign Sues ICANN

Verisign has filed a suit against  ICANN questioning its authority to regulate its activity of  maintaining an online search service, 'SiteFinder', that redirected mis-typed Internet addresses to an advertising-supported search service operated by VeriSign. Details in Washingtomn Post

UK Companies Lose 195 Million Pounds in Cyber Crimes

A police survey of 201 of Britain's largest companies, has revealed that 83 percent  had experienced some form of cybercrime in 2003, costing more than 195 million pounds in business downtime, lost productivity and perceived damage to their brand or share price. Details in NIE

WSIS Principle on Education of the Young

World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) held at Geneva on December 10-12 2003, adopted a "Declaration of Principles" and an "Action Plan" according to which the constituent members would take necessary follow up measures which will be taken up for discussion in the next summit planned in Tunisia in November 2005.

Principle no 11 of the declaration  identifies the commitment of the WSIS community on the education of the younger generation in applying ICT for the development of the society in conformity with the other principles enumerated in the document.

Naavi's Cyber Law College takes a step in the direction suggested by the above principle...Details

Bank Audit System Needs to be Changed

Audits have the important function of alerting the asset owners on possible frauds. When audits are conducted on assets under the control of persons who themselves are in a position to commit frauds, the auditor has to be on the look out for being fooled by the presentation of doctored documents. ....In the Computerised environments of Banks today, audits based on the documents provided by a Branch for audit purpose cannot adequately guard against doctored electronic records...Naavi suggests a new approach to audit of Bank branches where database is entirely maintained at the Branch itself....More

CAS Is Out ...What Next?

Chennai had the misfortune of being the testing ground for the Communication Ministry's faux pas called CAS. Now the ministry has announced withdrawal of the scheme. But the monopoly of the Cable TV operators remains and they are likely to come back with vengeance and increase the monthly subscription rates to levels higher than what it was at the time of the CAS introduction. Under the circumstances the TN Government's move to direct the operators not to increase the tariff is welcome. However one has to wait and see whether this will be honoured by the Chennai industry under the dominant control of the opposition political party. The political gains to be had by  creating a "Feel Bad" factor amongst the Chennai TV viewers by increasing the tariff and blaming the State and Central Governments could  be too tempting for the opposition to give up.

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