Information Security is the New Job Churner



"According to a recent Nasscom report, the worldwide demand for IS services is expected to grow to $23.6 billion by 2006. The demand for IS professionals is expected grow to over 188,000 worldwide by 2008 as against 93,058 in 2004. In the Americas, the demand for IS professional is expected to grow to 56,216 from 29,953 in 2004. In the EMEA itís expected to be 51,844 in 2008 as against 24,384 in 2004. In the Asia-Pacific region, it could be as high as 80,113 in comparison to 38,720 now. The figures were published in Nasscomís Strategic Review 2004 of the IT industry in India quoting IDC. ...Economic Times, March 07" Detailed Nasscom Release

It has been repeatedly pointed out at that the specialization by IT professionals as Information Security professionals is likely to increase their job potential by 5 times and salary potential by 200 %.

While there is and likely to be a continued debate on who is an "Information Security Professional" who can qualify himself to aspire for these jobs, Naavi advocates that in today's world the only security that matters is the "Techno-Legal Security" which is "Technical Security Reinforced by Legal Compliance".

Technical Security which starts with Firewalls ends up in Disaster Recovery does not aim at protection against legal liability arising out of the security breach nor pave the way for recovery of compensation for the loss. On the other hand if the security is "Techno-Legal" then the asset owner can have access to legal remedies both as a protective measure as well as a damage recovery measure. If "Information Security Insurance" is to be available one day in India, it would be mandatory for all "Security" to be "Techno Legal Security" only.

The next question that crosses any body's mind is where are "Techno Legal  Professionals Available in India?". This skill set is being exclusively built by Cyber Law College through it's Certified CyLawCom Examiner programme.

The Certification is based on an open examination that any person can take.  Appropriate training programmes would be provided by certain professional organizations starting with e-ISA. (

Professionals with certain basic qualifications can now register themselves as Provisional CyLawCom examiners and start their journey into the new career immediately.


March 10, 2003

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