Low Cost Credit Card Clearance Service


Naavi.org has been striving for low cost E-Commerce solutions that can be used by SMEs and Professionals who would like to test the Cyber Space for business opportunities. While setting up a web operation for a consultant one of the more expensive aspects is setting up a Credit Card acceptance facility.

To help such of those persons who have an occassional need to use an online payment collection mechanism, Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, the holding company of Naavi.org offers a solution.

This can also be used by offline small businesses connected to Internet.

The solution is to receive the payment from your customers thorough Naavi's Payment Receipts. For this purpose, the persons making the payment will purchase Naavi's Payment Receipts for the requisite value through the website http://www.naavi.org/n_p_c/ indicating the remittance particulars.

The amount received will be placed to your credit and will be released every fortnight (1st and 15th of every month) by means of a cheque on Chennai. For activating the system you need to get yourself registered with Naavi.org for the service and appoint Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd (Holding Company of Naavi.org) as an authorized collection agent.

The charges for the service are as under:

Registration Charge: Rs 500/-

Annual Renewal Charge: Rs 100/-

Collection Charge: 10% of the value.

In case payment is to be sent outside Chennai, the DD and Courier charges will be extra.

The payment will be processed through www.ccavenue.com and subject to their level of service.

The service will be offered only for remittances from within India for lawful objectives and the approval of clients will be entirely at the discretion of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd.

The service may be discontinued any time if the account is considered undesirable and in such an event the registration charges will be refunded after retaining a processing charge of RS 100/- only.

We hope that the service will be of use to SMEs and Consultants who render online service.

For Registration, kindly contact Naavi with particulars of your business, the need for collection, the approximate value and frequency of such collections.


December 5, 2003

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