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George Bar, Director, Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc, USA, a leading manufacturer of Cyber Forensic products used by Law Enforcement Authorities and IT Companies would be visiting Chennai between April 9th to 13th. 2004. During the visit he is meeting prospective dealers in India for the range of ICS products, Interested Companies can schedule a meeting with Mr George through Naavi.


26,000 new Jobs in USA available now for Information Security Professionals..Prepare yourselves to meet the demands by being a Certified Techno Legal Professional

Special Thrust to Cyber Crime Control in Tamil Nadu

Recognizing the growing menace of Cyber Crimes Tamil Nadu became the first Indian State to operationalize two Cyber Crime Cells, one under the Chennai Police Commissioner for Chennai City and the other under CB CID for the whole of Tamil Nadu. Public seem to have recognized the presence of the Cyber Crime Cells and are reported to be coming forward to lodge complaints.

List of Cyber Crime Police Stations in India

Beware of this "CitiBank E-Mail Verification" mail

The Following fraudulent e-mail is now under circulation.

"Dear Citibank Member,

This email was sent by the Citibank server to verify your E-mail address. You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering in the small window your Citibank ATM/Debit Card number and PIN that you use on ATM.
This is done for your protection - because some of our members no longer have access to their email addresses and we must verify it.
To verify your E-mail address and access your bank account, click on the link below:

Thank you for using Citibank "

The hyperlink leads to:

This appears to either contain a virus or is probably a fraud. Netizens may be careful with the mail and share if they have any information.


 February 27, 2004

Why CyLawCom is essential for  Indian Banks

Cyber Law Compliance is still not a priority for Indian Bankers. While every care is taken to secure the physical assets of a Bank, the Information Assets are often at the mercy of a few technology specialists in the Bank while the Manager who takes all the responsibility for the happenings in the Bank is unaware of the risks. The incident reported from  St Louis, (Missouri State, USA) where a Bank inadvertently parted with sensitive customer data to an outsider and is under investigation for privacy law violation is a case which Indian Banks need to note. recommends that all Banks should undertake a CyLawCom Certification programme by which they can achieve Cyber Law Compliancy step by step through Awareness Building, Absorption of Cyber Law Compliance in the business processes and strategic thinking. Lack of such an effort could mean "negligence" and impose liabilities on the Bank.

Details in

Delhi High Court Orders probe on

The Delhi High Court has ordered a probe on the pornographic links found on has pointed out several times that India has a clubs division where there are  pornographic contents which can be recognized even from the names of the clubs. The continued inaction of even after the matter is brought to their attention can be termed as 'Not Exercising Due Diligence under Section 79 of ITA-2000" and the administrators of the site will therefore be liable under Section 67 of ITA-2000 for publishing obscene content.

Hopefully the probe will bring out the negligence of and puts a check on their pornographic publications.

Read Details in HT :

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TRAI Recommends Suspension of CAS

After due considerations of the response to its earlier note, TRAI has recommend to the Government that the Conditional Access System (CAS) for Cable TV regulation should be suspended for three months pending a detailed regulation that takes into account all the apprehensions of the Consumers.

Copy of letter of recommendation : Copy of Recommendations (PDF File)

CDAC Trivandrum Releases Cyber Forensic Tools

Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), a unit of the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India,  released a Cyber Forensic software suite to assist the Law Enforcement Authorities in Cyber Forensics in a function in Trivandrum on 19th February 2004. This is the first indigenous software of the kind . The project which was jointly undertaken by CDAC along with National Police Academy, Hyderabad (NPA) has evolved a Data Acquisition software called True Back, a Data Analysis software called Cyber Check and an E-Mail Tracing tool called E-Mail Tracer. The release was followed by a day long seminar on 20th February 2004, on Cyber Forensics.

Naavi was one of the participants in the seminar and discussed the Challenges before the Police in Cyber Forensics.

Trivandrum center of C-DAC has been designated as the National Center of Cyber Forensics to undertake further research in the field and develop the products required for Cyber Forensics.

Indian Offices of Yahoo and MSN Need to Assist Law Enforcement Agencies

Quite often Indian Consumers and Law Enforcement Officers need information from Yahoo or Hotmail managers in respect of a Cyber Crime. In such cases, quick response from the administrators are always difficult to get. More over, by hiding behind the Privacy laws of USA, Yahoo and MSN often refuse information and delay investigations. In order to speed up response in such cases without affecting the Privacy Laws of USA, it will be necessary to serve an appropriate notice on the administrators under CrPC or other relevant laws. In order to enable such contact, it would suffice if notices are served on the Indian representatives of these administrators whose addresses are given below. I hope this would be useful to the Netizens and Law Enforcement Agencies. I also hope that Yahoo and MSA will co operate with the Law Enforcement agencies in such investigations.

Address of Yahoo India office: Yahoo Web Services India Private Limited, 386 Veer Savarkar Marg,Opposite Siddhivinayak temple, Mumbai 400 025, 22 56622222, 22 56622244.e-mail:

Address of MSN India Office: MSN India, Prestige Takt, 23 Kasturba Gandhi Cross,Bangalore 560 001, eMail:, Tel: 91-80-2121212


Prevent Spam with Free Digital Signatures

The suggestion of Microsoft that the solution to Spam is making e-mail a paid service is a retrogade move that will kill the development of Internet as a communication medium. Both Hotmail and Yahoo will find out that genuine Netizens will stop using e-mails while spammers and commercial users will continue to use e-mail  as they are doing now. May be the service providers will get more revenue initially but as consumer Netizens start closing their yahoo and hotmail accounts, there will be no consumers to whom commercial e-mails can be sent and there will be reduction in the overall usage of the e-mail.

I suggest that India should encourage use of Thawte type of "Free persona verified digital signatures" as a means of reducing spam along with legal provisions to punish spammers.

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Lesson to Indian Companies from Shane Warne

Shane Warne, the world renowned Australian Cricketer has come back to competitive Cricket after serving a one year ban for having been tested positive for  a performance enhancing drug...What is the lesson for Indian Companies from his experience?...More

ICICI Bank, Where Technology Has Failed...

Internet is considered a boon to Banking. It can reduce cost, increase reach and provide anytime, anywhere Banking. ICICI Bank was one of the earliest in India to adopt Internet Banking and later try to use technology wherever it is relevant. However,  increasingly, the Bank is becoming "Techno-Dependent" rather than "Techno-Driven" and the customer service and the basics of Banking are being relegated to the background... In traditional Banking principles, these are the early signs of impending sickness.   Because,  when  customers feel sick of the Bank, we can say that the  Bank is on the path to sickness. ...More

Hackers at work to Discredit Indian BPOs?

The lack of adequate security with some of the Indian BPO s has raised a concern in UK that confidential data transferred for processing can be bought for a price from employees of Companies in India, engaged in data processing. The recent report of confidential health data in Pakistan, being displayed on the web has indicated the possibility of hackers being engaged  for breaking into  BPO network and stealing information just to prove that Indian/Pakistani BPOs are unsafe. It is high time BPOs protect themselves against such motivated attacks and take adequate Techno Legal measures to discourage such criminal activities.

In the meantime, India is in the process of drafting data protection laws of its own to guide the industry. The legislation planned is expected to be on the lines of the EU model and could lead to a better confidence level of the data owners.

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Enhancement of Consumer Experience..Illegal?

Modern Copyright laws like DMCA are designed to thwart  technical developments if they interfere with Copyright locks. The latest example  example is the European Union Copyright Directive which has forced Maplin Electronics to withdraw some of its Video enhancer products from the market since it breaks the Copy protection signals in the Video...Details in ZD Net UK

Cyber Cafe Regulation in India attracting worldwide attention

India as a country is unique in many respects. There was a time when Indian Capital Markets thrived because the common man was participating regularly in IPOs through an unique system of funding of Corporate ventures by retail marketing of new shares. This indigenous retail market was killed by SEBI because the regulator did not understand how an Indian system could be different from the western system and yet be successful. In came the Mutual Funds and the public lost more money to the m\Mutual Funds than in the earlier new issues.

The Cyber Cafe phenomenon is yet another example of native ingenuity of making Mobile Internet access available at a low cost without investments in Computer or the licences software or a laptop. The regulators are not fully appreciating the beneficial impact of  Cyber Cafes in developing E-Entrepreneurs and are in the process of imposing stifling regulations.

Naavi has in the past suggested some model on which such an understanding can be developed to mutual satisfaction and  urges the Police and the Cyber Cafe organizations to sit across the table and arrive at a solution to the problem of "Tracing of Cyber Crimes" and the need for "Freedom of Operation".

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60 Anti BPO Laws in USA !

As India is moving towards Globalization unmindful of the damage it has created on the indigenous industry infrastructure, in pursuance of the WTO objectives, US seems to be moving into a protectionist era with the Anti BPO laws. One of the latest measures is an attempt to tighten the 1933 law namely  "Buy American Act" which will allow states to give preferential treatment to local companies while bidding for government contracts.

 Indian IT giants who are proud to be the IT coolies, will soon face the reality of the life of ignoring development of IPR protected products and services. IT Companies who have shunned "Product Development" and are content with "Project Approach" to business development will soon face a downward trend in their business leading to a possible chaos in the IT industry. Worst affected would be the BPO s who are today living on contracts from their foreign counterparts for processing of records of various kinds.

Hope the industry will wake up the real threat behind the 60 odd laws that have been enacted in USA to protect the Government sector which can easily spill over to the private sector.

The Government should also think of its own protectionist measures rather than going blindly with the vested interest philosophy of Globalization under the WTO model.... Related Article in Business Standard

Dealership Enquiries Sought For ICS Products in India

Use of Bluetooth Enabled Mobiles.. A Security Concern

Security and encryption specialist AL Digital has uncovered serious flaws in the authentication and data-transfer mechanisms on some top selling Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones exposing them to hackers. The security breach exists on several models from both Nokia and Sony-Ericsson.

One is the "SNARF attack," where data including phonebook, calendar, associated attachments and business cards can be obtained without the owner's knowledge or consent. Another  is "back-door attack," where a phone's complete memory contents can be accessed by a previously trusted ("paired") device that has since been removed from the trusted list. This means that not only can data be retrieved from the phone, but that other services including modems, Internet, WAP and GPRS gateways can be accessed without permission...Details at

Information Security is nothing if it is Not Techno Legal Security

India's future has a large stake in Information Assets. Protecting such assets is therefore a priority for the IT industry. In pursuance of this objective, Nasscom has  launched a security forum led by MphasiS BFL CEO Jerry Rao to create awareness about data protection and security among Indian IT companies. and Cyber Law College has already taken initiatives in this regard with programmes aimed at Consumer education. The recent plan of Cyber Law College to launch the CyLawCom programme to help Companies towards Cyber Law Compliance will stand out to be a significant contribution towards this goal.  Read here for more

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CAN SPAM Act..Being CAN SPAM Compliant

A legislation entitled Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 or Can Spam Act is short became effective in USA from January 1, 2004.  A fine and imprisonment upto 5 years is contemplated under the Act for spam leading to any fraud or other crimes. Modifying header information, using relaying from servers etc is also made an offence under the Act. The introduction of the Act has also imposed a responsibility on Companies both IT and Non IT Companies to ensure compliance of the law in their business processes and products...Another CyLawCom requirement.

Copy of the Act : Related Article: Protecting oneself from Can Spam Act Implications

Cyber Law College to Conduct examinations for CyLawCom Examiners

Cyber Law College which is the global pioneer in Cyber Law Compliance programme has instituted a structured programme for developing "CyLawCom Certification" for Corporates and development of "Certified CyLawCom Examiners" to serve the needs of the industry. This provides an opportunity for emerging Cyber Law students to chart out a career useful to the society. The students will also be given a six week workshop on Cyber Law Compliancy by Cyber Law College along with e-ISA, SIRC.

Interested persons can apply for "Provisional Registration" as a "Provisional CylawCom Examiner" with Cyber Law College. On completion of a prescribed examination, the registrants will be certified as "Certified CyLawCom Examiners". 

Details are available at

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Partner Required For Patent Exploitation

For a PCT Patent entering National Phase having a huge Commercial Potential With Global Prospects. Applications in Banking, Insurance, E-Governance and E-Commerce.

Contact Naavi immediately

(Mobile: 98410-30123)

CyLawCom Certification Programme

Cyber Law College has been a pioneer in the field of Cyber Law Education in the Country. In its continued bid to improve Cyber Law Compliancy in the Indian IT user segment,  it is introducing a first in the world concept of "CyLawCom Certification".

"CyLawCom" certification programme is meant for organizations using IT in their business process. It aims at establishing a practical and measurable standard for Cyber Law Compliance in the business process of the organization.

The need for "CyLawCom" certification is felt since the existing standards of quality drive in business processes namely the CMM and Six Sigma do not cover all aspects of Cyber Law Compliance before certifying an organization under their respective norms.

 "CyLawCom" is meant to be complimentary to CMM and Six Sigma since both these programmes are not in conflict with "CyLawCom" and are in principle...More

720 pages of Comprehensive Coverage on Cyber Laws

Naavi's "Cyber Laws in India..ITA-2000 and Beyond", first E-Book on Cyber Laws to be published in India consisting of 720 pages of comprehensive coverage on Cyber Laws and relevant issues, available for online purchase at RS 300/- in download form and at RS 400/- on CD.

 For more information click here.

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