January 1-January 31, 2002


E-Commerce To Be Out of Tax Net in this Budget?

It appears that the Finance ministry has decided for the time being to keep E-Commerce transactions out of the Income tax purview, as per a report appearing in Business Line today.

Details in Business Line

Drug Peddling on Internet in Chennai ?

Naavi.com has been highlighting the various community crimes being perpetrated in India through Spam mails. Here is an example of another mail.

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Thailand Passes Electronic Transactions Law

Thailand has joined the band of countries which have passed laws to regulate Internet Commerce on the lines of the Indian ITA-2000 and the UNCITRAL Model law.

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TN Police Step Up Cyber Crime Training

The Police Training College in Chennai has taken up an ambitious project to train 500 senior police officers in Tamil Nadu on Cyber crimes. The center launched the first of a series of programmes planned for this purpose on 21st January, 2002.

Naavi's Cyber Law College has structured the programme on the lines recommended by CBI and is coordinating the three week programme. Several speakers from the Industry and Academia are participating in the programme.  Naavi will be  the principal faculty for the programme. 


Action Required to Stop Objectionable E-Mails

Further to the call for war on Cyber Pornography, Naavi presents an actual case where an action can be initiated against a Chinese domain for facilitating distribution of Obscene e-mails in violation of Section 67 of the ITA-2000.

Comments and support is solicited from all.

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January 19, 2002

Simplicity Marks Pakistan's Proposed IT Law

India entered the Cyber Law regime when the ITA-2000 was passed with effect from October 17, 2000. At that time India was supposed to be the 16th country in the world to have passed the law of that nature. Since then many more countries have passed similar legislation.

In this context, it is interesting to observe the draft legislation on Electronic Communication formulated by Pakistan.

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Nuisance E-Mails Need To be Stopped

World over, the popularity of Internet is closely linked to its use as an e-mail communication medium. If  Internet usage has to grow and E-Commerce has to develop, it is necessary for the community to promote e-mail usage and protect it from being misused in a manner which would dissuade genuine users from taking onto e-mail usage.

What should be done in this regard?..A New Anti Spam Law?.. Action by ISP s? Should Cyber War on Pornography be extended to Porn site invitations through e-mails?..

Detailed Article from Naavi Here

Can an ISP take Law into their own hands?

With the growing popularity of the Internet, the business of being an ISP is becoming more and more onerous. ISP s in India  today  are covered by  the Consumer Protection Act and are liable to compensate the consumer for any loss or damage suffered by them.

One of the recent examples of such an attitude is the arbitrary manner in which some ISP s (eg: Dishnet DSL, Chennai) have decided to tackle the problem of virus in the mails...Recently the ISP seems to have  introduced a content filtering system which filters out the e-mails that are suspected to contain viruses.

Is it the right move? Is Dishnet taking law into their own hands?...

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Computer Crimes Double This Year

In a recent study by cert.org, it has been observed that the number of computer security breach incidents reported during the year 2001 at 52,678 was more than double the 21,756 reported in the previous year. ...Doubling of crime graph year after year is a matter of great concern to the law enforcement authorities in India who are making all efforts to acquire the necessary skills to tackle Cyber crimes....

In the mean time, one good fall out of the crime is that there is an all-round awareness that Cyber Crimes are here to stay and the Police have to develop the necessary skills to tackle the growing menace....Naavi.com is happy that  Cyber Law College is  associated in this effort...

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Creating More Domain Name Disputes ???

Domain names and the exclusive rights that go with it have been a source of dispute world over for quite some time.....In a further move to enrich the registrar community,  VeriSign Inc., which operates the global ".com" Internet domain, proposed the creation of an Internet address "Wait List Service" (WLS) that electronic speculators could use to reregister .com addresses that are scheduled to lapse....the new scheme may be an invitation for legal action for every registrant. For most of the registrants,  it is not worth the risk.

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Pornography and Obscenity Needs to be Distinguished

'Pornography' is not the core issue of the area of conflict. But the area of conflict, is quite different. The issue is the lack of proper yardstick to weigh the intensity and severity of Pornography  as an offence.

Advocate P.A.S. Pati analyses the Pornography related laws in India...

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Declare a War on Cyber Pornography!!

The now famous Dr L Prakash (Chennai based orthopaedician not to be confused with a well-known Sexologist in Mumbai) case of Cyber Pornography has evoked interesting debated on the impact of such crimes on the society and measures that can be initiated to prevent them in future.

Here is a brief view point from Naavi.


Internet comes for More regulation

Consequent to the growing terrorism in India and the use of Internet by terrorists, Indian Government has tightened its regulations on the use of Internet as well as STD/ISD facilities from public places in Jammu and Kashmir.

Naavi.com hopes that these measures would be temporary and urges the public to be vigilant against its misuse.

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The Year That Was!

The year 2001 was an important year in the evolution of Cyber Laws in India. If 2000 was the year of legislation of ITA-2000, this was the year of its implementation. A brief review of the happenings during the year is recounted by naavi  here...



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