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(Activation will be after receiving payment)

[Download a Sample Book on Digital Signatures-Free and Pre Activated]

[Download a sample  Book on Role of Corporate Sector..-Free]

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Cyber Laws For Engineers- Six Volumes

Volume Number Subject Pages Download Size Download .zip file
I Introduction 122 8.98 MB Click Here
II Cyber Contracts 50 4.47 MB Click Here
III IPR in Cyber Space 82 6.03MB Click Here
IV Cyber Crime 208 12.22 MB Click Here
V Miscellaneous 156 9.25 MB Click Here
VI ITA 2008 130 7.26 MB Click Here

The E Book is in Six Volumes with a total of 734 pages in a Flip Book Format

Cost of the Complete Set is Rs 500/-

Cyber Laws For Every One

Single Volume: 258 pages 13.81 MB

Click Here to download the Zip File

Cost: Rs 300/-

Some Screen Shots of pages

Payment Can be made .....

a) Online through Naavi Payment Center (Buy as many NPRs as may be required)


b) Through DD sent directly to Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd at No 37, 20th Main, BSK Stage I, Bangalore 560050

After download and payment, a request has to be sent for receiving the unlock code for activation. (Not required for samples which are either unlocked or has trial provision).

Once you enter the activation key the e book will be operational. (For Activation procedure See instructions below).

Activation Process:

Step 1: Download

Links for zip files are  given above. Unzip after download and double click on the exe file/

If You cannot download zip files:

If you have any difficulty in downloading the zip files because of the.exe content  please download the files with file extension marked as .ee available here.

After downloading change the name of the extension of the file to exe. Links for .ee files are given below.

Free Samples: Digital Signatures : Role of Corporate Sector in National Cyber Security

CLE Volumes:      I :: II :: III :: IV :: V :: VI

Step 2 For Registration only:

When you double click the file,  it will show a splash screen asking for Unlock Code. The screen will contain a registration number. Note the Registration number correctly and along with the required particulars such as name etc as suggested below send the registration number to:  naavi.bangalore@gmail.com

Particulars Required to be submitted along with request for Unlock Code:

1. User Name:

2. E Mail Address of the user:

3. Name :

4. Address:

5. Comments if any:

6. Registration key shown on the splash screen (For each of the downloaded file)

a) Vol I:

b) Vol II:

c) Vol III:

d) Vol IV:

e) Vol V:

f)  Vol VI:

You can use this word or Excel file to fill up the above particulars  and send as an attachment.

(Unlock code will be sent ASAP by email and normally within 24 hours. Ensure that the mail is not diverted to spam box.)


All prospective buyers are advised to first download the FREE sample E-Book "Digital Signatures Made Easy. Kindly download and read it to check if the file is compatible to your computer settings. The E book software uses Adobe Flash Plug in. Please ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash and resolve the plug in issues before buying.

A Second E-book on "Cyber Terrorism" is also provided as a free sample of a  licensed version of the book. You can download this and read it as a trial version for 15 days and also at anytime register it and obtain a password for unlocking the book. It is recommended that you test the trial version. For some time we will provide registration check by sending unlock code for those who would like to register. This would enable the prospective buyer to check compatibility of his computer with the book. We may discontinue the registration process for this free book after some time.

Since no refunds would be provided for purchasers for any technical difficulty subsequent to purchase, prospective buyers are recommended to satisfy themselves about technical compatibility by downloading both sample books.

Also please note that the exe format with flip page feature is meant for the Windows platform. Other versions may be introduced subsequently.

All efforts are taken to scan the uploaded files for viruses under a contemporary anti virus package as a part of due diligence from our side.

Users are also requested to check the downloaded files for virus before installing them.

Kindly note that the author or the publisher or the website shall not be liable for any unknown security issues that may arise out of the downloading or using of the e-books.

Any grievance/suggestions in regard to this purchase may be referred to naavi@vsnl.com under the subject line : "Complaints/suggestions on E Book".

On Request the E Books may be loaded on CD and despatched. Bulk orders can be branded in the name of the Sponsorer with a footer ad in every page. Additional advertisements may also be accepted on the last page or in between chapters. For details check here.

 Please note that CD versions will also be locked to one machine which is registered.

Some Screen Shots of pages

CD Books for Employees/Clients/Conferences

The E Books of Naavi such as "Cyber Laws for Engineers" or "Cyber Laws For Every One" are also available on CD by special request.*

Bulk orders of 20 books and above can be delivered within India without additional cost on advance payment basis.

Bulk orders of 40 books and above will have a footer ad in text mentioning : sponsored by: ...... which will appear on all pages without extra cost.

Colleges who teach Cyber Laws may also use this offer.

The sponsored e-books can be used by Companies for distribution to its employees. It can also be used by Companies to be distributed to its clients. Full page ads in the book page size may also be accepted at extra cost of Rs 1000/- per page on the sponsored books only. Sponsorer is free to use ads of himself or his associates.

Organizers of Conferences may also use this bulk purchase offer as material for conference participants. Such Organizers may also obtain ads from the participating companies under their own terms. Total number of ads in a book may however be limited at the discretion of the publisher.

A lead time of one week is to be provided for CD books in bulk after payment.

Activation will be based on confirmation of the user's email by the buyer and submission of activation request by the user.

Enquiries may be sent to naavi.bangalore@gmail.com  .

[*Single copies of E Books on CD will be available on request with cost of E Book plus Rs 200/- for delivery in India]


 Comments are Welcome at naavi@vsnl.com