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Domestic Net Telephony in India?

TRAI the regulator in India has raised a debate on the possibility of introducing  Net telephony within India in a consultative paper on Accelerating the growth of Internet and Broadband in India.  Copy of Consultative Paper (PDF)

Mobile Virus Threat Increases

The Mobile industry worldwide is just waking up a new threat to their business arising out of viruses that can freeze mobile phones or make them send calls to designated numbers. Related Article in iht.com

Cyber Law..Importance grows by the day

The importance of understanding Cyber Laws by all those in the legal profession is highlighted by the fact that even the controversy in Chattisghar on Mr Judeo has taken a Cyber Evidence angle. It is stated that some e-mails sent by Mr Ajit Jogi's son to some of his friends has a reference to the completion of a "Sting Operation". If this refers to the trapping of Mr Judeo, it may indicate a "Conspiracy" and proving or disproving it may be an important direction to the controversy. This requires the understanding of Cyber Laws and the complexity of Cyber Evidence. Lawyers who are still keeping themselves away from the study of Cyber Laws may take note.  More in Hindu (25/11/2003)

E-Mail Will?

An interesting web based service offerred by www.mylastemail.com has opened the possibilities of e-mails becoming the latest means of substituting the execution of wills. The service provides a facility for registered members to deposit a message to be delivered to his/her relatives or friends after his death. While the service which costs around Rs 450/- for three years is basically meant for leaving a message to the loved ones, it could contain information that may express the intentions of the deceased for disposal of his property as well. Since this is made by a registered member of the service who may confirm it to the website through a digitally signed e-mail, it will gain some evidentiary value. But for the provisions of Section 1 (4) (d) of the Information Technology Act 2000, this last e-mail would have perhaps gained the status of a will. However, for those who die intestate, this last e-mail deposited with a third party before death could be an irrefutable evidence of the intentions of the dieing person. Since in the past documents written in the handwriting of a person though not signed or witnessed have been considered equal to a "Will" under special circumstances there will be interesting debates on the status of this service in the days to come. With this, it appears that  E-Business has gone beyond the life time of the person.  Report in Hindu(25/11/2003)

The BPO Rush

Recent days in India the IT industry is buzzing around two important aspects of future trends namely the BPO and the e-Governance. The two have also shown a synergistic development opportunities for IT Companies.....India has already missed opportunities in the Software sector where our companies have merrily parted with the valuable IPR for short term gains in the form of "Projects"....Now is the opportune time for the top 10 IT Companies to enter E-Governance operations in India and to focus on BPO projects which involve  development of customized software to address specific business requirements of the business and offer them as a BPO solution....Do our IT bigwigs have the right vision?..We need to wait and see....More

Cyber Cafe Business Threatened

The introduction of Police licensing scheme for Cyber Cafes in Thane is reported to be creating difficulties for the Cyber Cafe owners in Thane. Many seem to be considering shifting out of this business. It is time that the Police recognize the usefulness of Cyber Cafes to the community and work out the modalities where by Cyber Cafe owners do not feel unfairly targetted by Police...Report in Mid Day

Free Anti Virus Software from CA

With a view to protect the Cyber World from the spread of viruses through unprotected home based systems, Computer Associates has decided to offer a personal firewall and anti virus software free of cost....Details at ZD Net

Korean Police bust Hacker Racket

Korean Police are reported to have busted one of the larges hacker's ring containing more than 4000 hackers and arrested their 24 year old leader....More in Security News

Low Cost Niche Specialization Courses from Cyber Law College

Cyber Law College has presently been conducting Diploma Courses in Cyber Laws and Cyber Security courses. In order to cater to the demand of those who prefer short term,  low cost courses, Cyber Law College has now introduced four proficiency courses in the niche specialization areas of Information Technology Act, IPR, Cyber Crimes and E-Business. These courses take 6 to 12 weeks to complete and cost Rs 1000 to Rs 1500/-. The courses are administered entirely through web and can be taken any time during the year. There are no examinations for certification which will be based on answers sent to questions by e-mail and through interactive chat sessions. Details here; Download Prospectus

Validity of E-Contracts..A Paper by Rupak Ghosh

E-Contracts are a matter of interest to all Netizens. Are legally valid contracts created when a person clicks on the "I Agree" button on a website? What is the validity of the terms one sees on the screen when  a shrink wrapped software media is opened and the software is being installed? What are the legal consequences when an electronic document is sent by one business partner to the other and is acknowledged, are issues that bother all those who use Computers for data exchange. Mr Rupak Ghosh, a student of the Symbiosis Law College, Pune addresses these issues in his paper "The Contractual Validity of E-Contracts, An Overview". [Ed: The opinion expressed in the article are the personal opinion of the author.]..Article is available here (PDF)..November 16, 2003

Cyber Crime Consultancy Division by Ujvala Consultants

Naavi in a strategic association with Commander (Retd) Ramani, a Cyber Security Expert in Chennai has set up a Cyber Crime Consultancy Division under Ujvala Consultants Private Ltd. The division will offer services to Law Enforcement Authorities in setting up Cyber Crime Investigation Cells and in the investigation of Cyber Crimes....More

Stamp Scam Spreads..Citizens Worried..How Should the Government Respond?

The Stamp fraud which has crossed an estimated RS 20,000 crores in revenue loss has consumed politicians and Police officials in several states.  This interesting article in TOI captures the problems for Citizens arising out of the fraud. While the law grinds to its logical end, it is necessary for us to think on how should progressive Governments respond to such a situation. One positive method is to innovate a change in the systems so that in future, similar frauds do not recur. Naavi discusses a solution that is based on an innovative use of IT available for immediate implementation if any State Governments express an interest...Details of the Novel Solution

7th National E-Gov Conference in Chennai

November 13, 2003: The 7th National E-Gov Conference kicked off today under the august presence of the Deputy PM Mr L.K.Advani and TN CM Smt J Jayalalithaa. The conference organized by The Department of Administrative Reforms, GOI and IT Department, TN Government will deliberate on many issues relevant to E-Governance. The occassion was used by the TN CM to announce new initiatives in taking E-Governance to the rural TN. 

Singapore Tightens Law Against Cyber Terrorism

The Computer Misuse Act in Singapore was recently amended to include provisions to tackle Cyber Crime. One of the important measures included was to enable the  minister to empower any person or agency for pre-emptive action against threats to a computer system that can jeopardise national security, essential services, defence or foreign relations of the nation. ..Details at Stratitimes

ICICI Bank Starts using Digital Signatures for Statements

Bank customers in India are used to statements stating "This Computer generated statement does not require signature". Such a statement lost its meaning after ITA-2000 became effective on October 17, 2000. However the so called progressive Banks continued to send such statements and operate their Internet Banking accounts without using Digital Signatures which are the only recognized form of authenticating electronic documents in India. Though three years is not an acceptable time frame for adoption, one should appreciate that at least now ICICI Bank has started using Digital Signatures for authenticating their electronic statements of accounts. Hopefully others will realize that this will change the "Banking Practice" and it will no longer be acceptable to send communications through electronic media without digital signatures. 

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USA Joins Madrid Protocol for Trade Mark Registration

WIPO has announced that from November 2, 2003, the  process of registering trademarks in multiple countries as per the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (Madrid Protocol)  entered into force in the United States of America (USA). ...More

IT.Com 2003 neglected by IT bigwigs

The annual event IT.Com at Bangalore the IT Capital of India organized by the karnataka Government has always been a much hyped event in the IT sector. This year's event attracted special attention since it was preceded by the resignation of the IT Secretary Mr Vivek Kulkarni. Mr E.V.Ramana Reddy the former director IT had taken over the mantle only recently and the event was the first mega event under his leadership. While the organization of IT.Com was immaculate, it appeared that the bigwigs in the IT industry had stayed away. Apart from Infosys and Reliance Infocomm, companies like Wipro, Cognizant, Polaris, TCS, I Flex, Intel, Microsoft etc were conspicuous in their absence. Even the earlier suggested theme of e-Security appeared to have been given a go by and the pavillion meant for the purpose was cancelled. Are these signs that the Karnataka Government has lost hold on the industry? or are there any under currents of one upmanship in the bureacracy? ..are the points Karnataka CM and the new IT secretary has to ponder over.

Yahoo Groups Back in India

While Dishnet Continues to display the Yahoo Group blocking order on its site www.ddsl.net, the groups have become accessible once again. It is not clear if this is a temporary reprieve or a withdrawal of the ban.


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