June 1-June 30, 2002
Cyber Law College and Delphi Computech Tie Up

Who Owns Your Computer Desktop?

An interesting legal battle has ensued with several prominent publishers, , having filed a suit on the California based Gator Corp., alleging that the Internet company's pop-up ads,  violate trademark and copyright laws...Central to this dispute is the question of who owns the desk top of your computer which you are now viewing...

If we look at ITA-2000, Indian sufferers of Gator application may perhaps claim damages upto Rs 10 million  and seek imprisonment of Gator officials for three years.


Will the Ministry of Convergent Technologies take birth on July 1st?

Observes of IT, Telecom and Broadcasting regulations in India are watching eagerly the proposed reshuffling of portfolios in the central cabinet on July 1, 2002...because, the cabinet reshuffle provides an opportunity for  merging the Ministry of Broadcasting  headed by Ms Sushma Swaraj with the  Ministry of Communication technologies headed by Mr Pramod Mahajan. This is a pre-requisite for the passage of Communication Convergence Act which will bring sweeping changes to the regulation of Cyber space in India.

Virtual Bank Robbery in Singapore

In what could be termed as a virtual Bank robbery, several accounts of the customers of an Internet Bank in Singapore were deprived of their balances. According the Bank's version of the Cyber Crime, the virtual robber is reported to have gained entry to the individual accounts of the customers by hacking into their individual computers and transfer the money to his own account in the same Bank. Even though the Bank has blamed the customers for the breach, the possible "negligence" of the Bank itself cannot be ruled out.

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An Opportunity Lost at Bucharest

According to the first report emanating from Bucharest, the experiment of having elections from the Netizen community to the board of ICANN has been shelved for the time being. With this, an opportunity to build a model democratic institution in the Cyber space has been lost. Considering the enormous influence that the commercial interests have started wielding on Cyber space, the development is not very surprising.

Naavi.com however  feels that this is a temporary setback for the Netizen community and would continue its efforts at building a Cyber Democracy model for India through www.cyberdemocracy.org. Once an election model is proved as feasible, perhaps ICANN may review its decision.


June 28, 2002

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Next AL Queda Attack  Will be from Cyber Space

Indian security analysts are worried about the terrorist threat  to the lives of our leaders such as our Prime Minister and the Kanchi Acharya which can come in the form of a human bomb. While these threats are real and needs to be adequately secured against, the next major terrorist attack on US from Al Queda is expected to be from the Cyber Space.

A detailed report that has emanated from FBI sources in USA now indicate a massive plan that Al Queda terrorists are planning to attack critical infrastructure in USA.

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Cyber Evidence Archival Center

"Cyber Evidence is here now and gone next moment. Then how do we preserve and present it to a court of law  when a Cyber document becomes relevant?.."is a doubt that is bothering a lot of people in India ever since the ITA-2000 proclaimed that Electronic Documents and paper Documents are equal in the eyes of law.

Here is an answer to the queries of the Netizens in the form of an unique Brick and Click Service from Naavi.com in the form of Cyber Evidence Archival Center, a first of its kind service.

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Visit http://www.ceac4india.com

Lessons from the experience of CII Southern Region

The unfortunate incident of  the prestigious website of CII Southern Region http://www.ciisr.org leading  to a pornographic site presents many instructive lessons to Industrial organizations in India.

We hope that the current incident would catalyse action at the CII towards preparing the Corporate community to secure their Cyber assets both technncident would catalyse action at the CII towards preparing the Corporate community to secure their Cyber assets both technically and legally.

Detailed Article Here

AP Launches E-Cop

Andhra Pradesh has launched a 50 crore project for bringing E-Governance into the Police System. Branded as E-Cop, the project will provide for online exchange of information and tracking of Cyber Crimes.

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CII Southern Region Site Cyberjacked to a Pornography site

CII Southern Region site at http://www.ciisr.org has been one of the apparent victims of Cyberjacking. This URL attributable to CII and used by them for a long time  now leads to a pornographic site.

Such things normally happen through "Hacking" where the default home page of the organization is replaced with the alternative page or through a diversion at the DNS router or database at some point.

An interesting point about this incident is that CII has some time back failed to renew the domain name which has been picked up by the current host. However, since the brand ciisr.org has already been established and documents attributable to CII are still floating around in the search engine cache, there is a  damage to the image of the organization.

This should open the eyes of those organizations that establish a domain name brand and fail to maintain them.


June 21, 2002,

Bucharest Meeting of ICANN, Some Views

The Bucharest Meeting of ICANN is likely to have long range impact on I-Governance. Here are some issues that are likely to be discussed and the views of Naavi on these issues.

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ICANN Under Takeover Threat

On the eve of a major meeting of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) at Bucharest between June 24 and 28,an US Republican Senator Conrad Burns, has threatened that he would introduce a Bill to require ICANN to give the U.S. government more influence in managing the domain-name system. It appears that powerful interests are at work to let ICANN be taken over by one or the other Government bodies. Let us hope that the Bucharest meet will show the world that there is still scope for Cyber Democracy to be alive in the form of ICANN.


Your Comments on this Draft Proposal are welcome

IS Managers...Beware, This week, you may be heading to Central Prison!! :

This Friday and the week coming up, IS managers in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai may be heading to the prisons rather than to their homes at the end of the day. Be prepared and let your family know what they should do in such an event.


Software Piracy and Need For A Long Term Corporate Strategy

Naavi.com has been advocating the need to be law abiding Netizens and at the same time also trying to suggest viable means of reducing the incidence of law violations by removing the causes of such violation if any. In this context, news about the release of the first major version of OpenOffice, a GNU/Linux office suite based on Sun’s StarOffice,  last week is to be welcomed by all. Companies and Government departments should lose no time in testing this product and introduce them in their systems to reduce the dependence of licensed office suites in their respective establishments


Cyber Terrorism Can be Devastating...GTB Finds it out the hardway

It was Cyber Terrorism at work. It has now been reported that the recent run on Global Trust bank (GTB) in Hyderabad which created panic all over India, was caused by a few e-mails sent to some customers advising them to withdraw their money as the Bank was in trouble. This is the typical way Cyber Terrorism works. ..Simple Means... Soft Targets...Devastating Effect.

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Naavi Becomes a Thawte Notary

In continuation of his efforts towards building a  responsible Cyber Society, Naavi has turned into a Thawte Notary under its Web Of Trust Programme. Thawte offers a unique Web of Trust system towards certifying the Cyber Identity of a person. ...Before any licensed CA starts offering digital certificates to individuals in India,  you can start experiencing the use of Digital Signatures through Thawte.

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Multi-Lingual Domain Name Systems

The Domain Name System (DNS) in its present form supports only names consisting of a combination of letter, number, and dash characters from an English writing system. The International Domain Name System providing for non English domain names is presently under a testing ground where the standards are being developed.


US Court Strikes Down Porn Filtering at Libraries

In a unanimous decision,  a special panel in US held that the Children's Internet Protection Act is "invalid under the First Amendment". Is it the end of the road for Cyber Pornography control?.. What are the solutions?

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There is No Quality without CCL Compliancy

Quality Process Certification  is an important management strategy  in the software industry to meet  global competition. One of the key aspects of such quality standards is the Capability of an organization to meet unforeseen legal liabilities arising out of operational reasons. It is necessary for Indian Software industry to recognize that "There Is No Quality Without CCL Compliancy". The time to act is now because tomorrow may be too late.


At Large India Kicks off

If you are interested in participating in the Global Cyber Democracy Process, and an opportunity to have a say in the matters of ICANN, register today as a member of the Indian Cyber Democracy Forum.

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Virtual Prisons Are Here

When Naavi.com had raised its voice against the requirement of Photo ID s for Cyber Cafe visitors, and hinted that the Police may in future like to put a digital tag on  the citizens, the thought had been dismissed by Mumbai Police as an "Orwellian" fantasy. It may however come as a pleasant surprise to them that the thought has already become a reality in Britain, albeit applicable to prisoners.


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