Cyber Law College to Conduct examinations for CyLawCom Examiners

Cyber Law College which is the global pioneer in Cyber Law Compliance programme has instituted a structured programme for developing "CyLawCom Certification" for Corporates and development of "Certified CyLawCom Examiners" to serve the needs of the industry. This provides an opportunity for emerging Cyber Law students to chart out a career useful to the society. The students will also be given a six week workshop on Cyber Law Compliancy by Cyber Law College along with e-ISA, SIRC.

Interested persons can apply for "Provisional Registration" as a "Provisional CylawCom Examiner" with Cyber Law College. On completion of a prescribed examination, the registrants will be certified as "Certified CyLawCom Examiners". 

Details are available at

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Techno Legal Security Vs Technical Security

Security is incomplete if it remains  technical only since the best of Firewalls can fail both because the asset damage can occur from within the firewall or the damage is caused by a technology factor which has not been incorporated in the Firewall. The dangers posed by new viruses is highlighted in this article in In such cases it is necessary for the asset owner to fall back upon the legal measures to protect his assets.

It is for this reason that advocates that "Security is No Security if it is Not Techno Legal Security".

Delhi High Court Restrains Spam

In a landmark decision Delhi High Court has upheld the Concept of "Spam is an Unacceptable Business Practice" in a case...Report in ET

Federal Law Passed in USA to Ban Outsourcing of Government Contracts

The legal action to stop out sourcing of contracts from USA has begun. US Senate has passed a law to ban outsourcing of Government contracts by US parties. Though the financial impact of this could be considered manageable, this could well be the turning point in the growth of BPO business. The principle once accepted will extend to the private sector and eventually hurt the growth of the industry. ..Report in IE

Beware of PIPEDA

On the lines of the EU guidelines on Privacy, the Canadian privacy law under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) becomes applicable to all personal information handled by Candian Companies including that which is out sourced for processing from January 1, 2004.  Indian data processing Companies need to watch for the impact of these laws on their operations. FAQ on PIPEDA : Copy of Act

BPO Bubble Punctured?.....Here is an Opportunity to Survive and Grow

The increasing backlash on outsourcing of IT contracts in many of the advance countries is an indication that the BPO party is over. The resistance will automatically slow down future growth of business from the existing sources. The "Data Protection" policy of EU is another threat which can be wielded by the EU countries any time to take away BPO contracts originating from EU. Nasscom has already put up an alert (See this BL Report) about investments in BPO drying up.

Amidst this gloomy scenario for BPOs who depend on their overseas principals for business Naavi has structured an ITES opportunity of tremendous commercial potential for consideration by existing BPOs and the emerging BPOs threatened by the new developments. This is a proposal w immediate commercial exploitation possibility and low gestation period. Additionally, substantial part of the proposed activity will be covered by a Global Patent. Interested Companies and Investors may contact Naavi.

Dealership Enquiries Sought For ICS Products in India

Intelligent Computer Solutions, (ICS) USA, manufacturer of Cyber Forensic Products wants to appoint Dealers in Different States of India. The Forensic quality data capture products of the Company are required by every Police organization in the Country and by Computer Audit departments in Corporate sector. (Refer here for more details: Data Capture..key challenge in Cyber Evidence Management )

On behalf of ICS, Naavi is identifying Distributors and Dealers  across India. He will also be providing  training support to the dealers and customers. Interested persons/organizations may contact Naavi at the earliest for further information along with the details of their present activities...Details

New Law Under Consideration for Digital Piracy Protection

It is reported that a new  legislation is contemplated in India to curb piracy in the entertainment sector. Referred to presently as the ’Optical Disc Law,’ this would also envisage that, every factory manufacturing CDs and VCDs has to be licensed. Also, there will be special secret codes on every disc, so that these can be traced back...Report in EFE

CERT-IN Formally opened

The minister for information technology, Arun Shourie today formally inaugurated the Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-IN). CERT-IN is expected to serve as a central point to respond to computer security incidents, facilitate communication among experts working to solve computer emergencies, and establish international linkages in the area. All security-related threats including compromise of restricted confidential service accounts or software installations, denial-of-service attacks, large-scale hacking incidents, forgery and so on can be reported to this team through email, fax, telephone and web...ET Report

The website of CERT-IN is available at

Mumbai Cyber Cafe Regulation

The proposed moves to regulate the operations of Cyber Cafes in Maharashtra and Mumbai has raised concerns amongst the public about "Excessive Regulation"....Report in HT

Partner Required For Patent Exploitation

For a PCT Patent entering National Phase having a huge Commercial Potential With Global Prospects. Applications in Banking, Insurance, E-Governance and E-Commerce.

Contact Naavi immediately

(Mobile: 98410-30123)

CyLawCom Certification Programme

Cyber Law College has been a pioneer in the field of Cyber Law Education in the Country. In its continued bid to improve Cyber Law Compliancy in the Indian IT user segment,  it is introducing a first in the world concept of "CyLawCom Certification".

"CyLawCom" certification programme is meant for organizations using IT in their business process. It aims at establishing a practical and measurable standard for Cyber Law Compliance in the business process of the organization.

The need for "CyLawCom" certification is felt since the existing standards of quality drive in business processes namely the CMM and Six Sigma do not cover all aspects of Cyber Law Compliance before certifying an organization under their respective norms.

 "CyLawCom" is meant to be complimentary to CMM and Six Sigma since both these programmes are not in conflict with "CyLawCom" and are in principle...More

Indian IT Companies Need to take a Cue

It is reported that IBM was awarded 3415 patents in the year 2003. Amongst those who made this possible was an Indian Mr Ravi Arimilli  who was awarded  53 patents in 2003  to add to the nearly 200 patents he has won for IBM, including  78 last year. It is also interesting to observe that his brother Baba Arimilli, who works alongside him at IBM, has won 13 patents in 2003. Between them, the brothers' 66 patents represented more than 10 per cent of the Austin IBM patent output for the entire year. Over the past decade, IBM has won over 25,000 patents, nearly triple the total of any US tech competitor.

This indicates the importance of IPR protection in an IT Company. If the Indian IT Companies understand the long term implications of  what is happenning in the world, each one of them would realize the need to employ a team of "Patent Domain Experts" with Techno-Legal Expertise to ensure that the IT giants of today do not become mere IT slaves of tomorrow chained to their International masters by the IPR they themselves have woven.

I urge industry bodies such as  NASSCOM to drive home the importance of Patents for IT Companies. Otherwise the future of Indian IT is in extreme danger. ..Related Report in TOI

Cable TV Regulation in India-Draft Comments

TRAI the interim regulator of the Cable TV industry in India has released a Consultation note and called the public for comments. A draft comment proposed to be submitted by is provided here with a request to the visitors to send comments if any that can be incorporated there in....Naavi

Draft Comments

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Securing Information Assets involves a strategy for disaster recovery and business continuity. K.Adhivarahan an IT quality consultant in Chennai introduces the concepts...More

TRAI Freezes Cable TV Subscriptions

Exercising its powers as an Interim Broadcast authority in India, TRAI has frozen the Cable TV tariifs both at the Consumer level and Cable TV operator levels until the review process is completed. TRAI has also issued today (15th January 2004) a Consultative note (PDF) on the issues to be settled. Written comments are invited from public upto January 30, 2004 to the Secretary TRAI at ...More

Six Sigma,  ROI and  Cyber Law Compliancy

In the quest for continuous improvement of business competitiveness, the industry has now set its focus on a BPI (Business Process Improvement) programme that can provide measurable benefits to a Company.

Six Sigma is one of the methodologies that is being practiced and essentially is a conscious approach to near perfect operational efficiency. It aims at identifying defects and rectifying them. It is a rigorous and disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company's operational performance by identifying and eliminating "defects" in manufacturing and service-related processes.

Cyber Law Compliancy (CyLawCom) as being advocated by is similar to and perhaps be considered as one part of the Six Sigma approach covering the defects that arise out of non compliance of the legal aspects of Computer business....More

Embedded Advertisements...Can be Skipped !?

In an interesting court battle, entertainment companies agreed not to sue consumers who used a technology which enabled them skip advertisements in digital recorded video.The lawsuit had been filed in June 2002 on behalf of the owners by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a civil liberties group based in San Francisco, following litigation in October 2001 by the entertainment companies against the original maker of the ReplayTV DVR, Sonicblue, for copyright infringement. The Company has already been forced by the impact of the suit to sell its Replay technology to Digital Networks of North America.

E-Signatures adopted in Switzerland.

Law has been enacted in Switzerland to make E-Signatures and Digital Contracts acceptable from 2005. With this Switzerland became one of the first European Countries to enter the Digital Signature world. According to the legislation, Electronic signatures will  not for wills and deeds of sale for buildings. Alos owners of digital signatures will not be responsible for fraud committed by others, if they can prove they had taken the necessary security measures Report in

Yet Another Jurisdiction Case

The Controversial subject of Jurisdiction on Internet activities continue to be treated differently by different courts. In the latest case of Hy Cite Corporation v, a federal court in Wisconsin has refused to assert jurisdiction over an offshore criticism website.
TRAI to issue Consultative Paper on Cable TV Regulation

TRAI is expected to issue a consultation paper on the controversial conditional access system soon.
Report in EFE

TRAI Made Regulator for Broadcasting Also
In what can be described as a significant move towards setting up of the "Communication Convergence Commission" which was stalled due to the Convergence Bill having been put on the back burner, the Government has today (January 9th 2004) announced that TRAI will discharge the responsibility of regulating the TV broadcasting service. In particular TRAI will look into the "Advertisement Regulation in Pay Channels" and "Pricing of Pay Channels".

Data Capture..key challenge in Cyber Evidence Management

In this article Naavi discusses the hardware required for making copies of hard disks for further analysis....More

Cyber Evidence Collection..a Major Challenge to Law Enforcement in India

Whether in the case of a Cyber Crime pursued by the Police or a Computer Audit pursued by an auditor, "Evidence" plays a vital part in securing the interests of the Information Asset owner. Naavi discusses the legal requirements and the devices required for the purpose of collecting judicially acceptable Cyber Evidence. ....More

Tim Berners Lee Honoured with Knighthood

Tim Berners Lee, a physicist, who created the hypertext network in his spare time during the late 1980s and early 1990s while he was at the Geneva-based particle physics research institute Cern and popularly recognized as the Father of Internet has been honoured with knighthood by the Queen of Britain...Report in TOI

When You go to a movie..Your Bags will be searched...

Several States in U S A, have passed  laws that lets police arrest people for videotaping movies in theatres. The new statutes augment a film industry anti-piracy arsenal that includes bag searches for people entering movie houses a multifaceted response to technological strides that make digital video distribution a snap. Like many other aggressive IPR protection measures initiated by the industry the new measure is expected to evoke  resentment by the public..Report in TOI

CAS is Consumer Unfriendly..Says Delhi Government

A Delhi government report presented to the Centre speaks of “numerous difficulties” faced by consumers. Also, it says that the present system is making the consumers “pay more for viewing less”, and that “this does not make economic sense”. The report has asked for a broadcasting regulator and cap on advertisements in pay channels. ..Report in agencyfaqs

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720 pages of Comprehensive Coverage on Cyber Laws

Naavi's "Cyber Laws in India..ITA-2000 and Beyond", first E-Book on Cyber Laws to be published in India consisting of 720 pages of comprehensive coverage on Cyber Laws and relevant issues, available for online purchase at RS 300/- in download form and at RS 400/- on CD.

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