May 16-May 31, 2001

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Internet on a Space Voyage..Lessons for Cyber Democracy

A research group headed  by Dr Vinton G. Cerf has submitted a proposal to Internet Engineering  Task Force (IETF) on a a communication   system to provide Internet-like services across interplanetary distances in support of deep space exploration. (Interplanetary Internet -IPN)

Some of the concepts used in the document have implications even in the terrestrial Internet...

If one can control access to different parts of the Internet effectively,  "Virtual Property" "can be "Confiscated" and a "Digital Person" can be "Arrested and Imprisoned".

Behind this thought lies a path of a "Cyber Democracy" and "Cyber Nation-hood" which is free from the administrative controls of the Meta society Governments.

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Noble Objectives and Unpredictable Implications

Many of the legal enactments are made with noble intentions. But when it coems to implementation, it is the words used in the legislation that matters. A glaring example in Hong Kong reveals that a legislation to curb "Computer Piracy" in the form of an ordinance to amend Copyright Act, makes possession of a photo copy of a news paper article an offence punishable with a fine of KK$50000!!

Virus Alert? or a Hoax?

A message was received from some of my alert IT friends about a Virus that was likely to strike on June 1st. I found the subject file on my computer too and alerted visitors of this site and some of my friends about the virus. The details of the viurs as reported is available here.

I have been informed by another IT specialist that the said file is a "Microsoft Utility" for handling long file names and the alert is as such a "Hoax". I am waiting for confirmation from Mcafee/K7.

However, this is an indication of how some mischievous minds take pleasure in inconveniencing others.

Instructions from for Restoration of deleted file

Trapping Cyber Criminals

Fighting Cyber Crimes is a difficult art...The objective of the Law Enforcement Authorities worldwide is to device strategies for catching the criminal  while he is in the act of committing a crime and also capture enough evidence to prosecute him...In one of the recent cases, which may be of academic interest to the students of Cyber Crimes in India, the New York Police  arrested a Roman Catholic priest  after allegedly having explicit sexual conversations online with an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old boy.

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Aimster faces Napster like suit

The Recording Industry Association of America has taken on Aimster alleging Copyright violation like Napster. This is likely to be an opportunity for the judiciary to revisit the legality of "File Sharing" technology.

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ISP Managers Beware...You may land in jails..if...

Have the ISP 's realized this responsibility cast on them by Section 65 of the ITA-2000? Are they aware that they may find themselves in jail for three years for "Knowingly destroying" the evidence which may be required by a law?....

In order to clarify things and to determine different time periods for storage of different types of data we actually need a law similar to the Bankers Books Evidence Act. This law which may be called "Electronic Documents Evidence Act"....


May 25, 2001

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Air India Can now make billions of dollars...

In yet another significant domain name arbitration case (American Online, Inc. v. John Deep) the National Arbitration Forum (the largest U.S.-based provider of domain name dispute resolution services and one of the world’s largest neutral administration and mediation services)held that the domain name belongs to the owner of the trademark AIM. The owner of Aimster Mr Deep was recently in the news for opposing the RIAA, the powerful music body in USA which got Napster stumped with a legal decision.

In future therefore thousands of domain name owners such as www.*aim*.* will have to relinquish their names to AOL the holder of the Trademark AIM.

The moot point is, since Air India owns the trademark AI atleast by "Usage", it appears that it can succesfully claim a right over AIM and AIMSTER now... If so, I think the Indian public sector company can wipe out all its past losses by re-selling all www.*ai*.* domain names. I urge Air India to immediately take up the case with the same Arbitration authorities who gave the verdict.

Do you think it is ridiculous?

I can only say that either the arbitration award is ridiculous or the claim of AI has the potential to stand in the society where greedy Trademark owners try to claim right over everything and more often, get away with it.

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Full text of the decision

May 22, 2001

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The Dilemma of ID s for Cyber Cafe..Fit Case for a Big Debate.

The move of the Mumbai Police to bring in a rule that "Cyber Cafe Visitors" should produce ID cards has evoked wide spread negative responses from the community. We need to look at this development along with the public interest litigation that has been filed in Delhi where the Government has been requested by a member of the public to introduce a similar provision as a "law". It appears therefore that there are both supporters and opposers for the move.

The proposal is like creating an "Apartheid" policy and treating all  "Cyber Cafe" visitors as "Potential Criminals". I would like Mumbai Police to remember that the Indian Freedom struggle had its roots in South Africa where Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi took up the civil disobedience movement against issue of passes to the people of black origin. The proposed regulations, remind me of the need for a similar movement to "Liberate" the "Cyber Society" from the "Apartheid policies" of "Regulation by Non -Netizens on the Netizens".

If the Police knew that there are better ways of regulating Cyber Crimes, they would not perhaps awakened  the memories of a "Historic Civil Disobedience Movement " in the community. 

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