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Cyber Anarchy Unleashed… says S.N.Ravichandran commenting on striking down of Section 66A

…Obscenity is not included in Section 66A since it is covered under Section 67. However, the learned Additional Solicitor General asked us to read into Section 66A each of the… Continue reading

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10 Questions on Section 66A Judgement for which we seek answers

66A not clearly indicate that the section was meant to address “Messages” as different from “Publishing”? Question 2: Do the Titles used in Section 66A and others not give meaning… Continue reading

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Section 66A: Judiciary asserts its rights over Executive

…for abuse The judgement tries to single out Section 66A as an “Evil Section” by citing that Section 66 , Sections 66B to 67B are more precise. I am unable… Continue reading

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Cases that prompted scrapping of Section 66A by the Supreme Court

the first place under the Section 66A and the Police were wrong in booking these cases under Section 66A. Equally, the Judgement not recognizing that we cannot evaluate Section 66AContinue reading

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Section 66A coming for review at Supreme Court..the issues

will defeat the any other objective that the section has set about to do. Analyzing Section 66A as it exists today: The Section is titled “Punishment for sending offensive messages… Continue reading

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Mis-perceptions about Section 66A

under Section 66A(b) and “Causing annoyance” under Section 66A(c). The first time the section was invoked to address defamation was in the Delhi High Court case of E2labs Vs…. Continue reading

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