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For all Sudents who are taking the exam on Module G-Batch 2

P.S: The videos presented here are exclusive to the designated subscriber and are authorized to be accessible only by the designated person to whom the access credentials have been separately communicated. Access by any other person is considered as an unauthorized access under Sections 43/66 of Information Technology Act and relevant provisions of the Indian Copyright Act.


Dear Friend,

 The videos presented here are accessible for a period of 1 month with the access credentials provided for you.

The contents in each of the video are as follows.

Video 1: Introduction and HIPAA by Naavi (1:53)

Video 2: GDPR-1: Ramesh Venkataraman (1:43)

Video 3: GDPR-2: Ramesh Venkataraman (2.31)

Video 4: GDPR-3: Ramesh Venkataraman (3:04)

Video 5: CCPA: Suresh Balepur (2:41)

Video 6: DIFC: Suresh Balepur (2.43)

Video 7: LGPD-Naavi (2:48)

Video 8: Singapore DPA: Anand Patnam(3.00)

Video 9: Compliance-PDPSI: Naavi (1:43)

Video 10: Q&A (1:29)

The videos represent a total of 21 hours 35 minutes. Access Code may be obtained from Naavi.

These videos would be available until the examination is completed.

We hope the videos would be useful to understand the Global Data Protection law as envisaged at this point of time. Kindly send your feedback and queries to Naavi.

After the study, you are welcome to take the Certification examination of FDPPI. Those registered for the Exam may kindly collect the copies of reading material (softcopies) from Naavi.

Please contact Naavi for the date of the examination which will be available online. The examination will be for 90 minutes and will consist of multiple choice questions.