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(Na.Vijayashankar, MSc, CAIIB, CIIF, AIMADM

Director:  Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd

Director: Cyber Law College

Naavi is the popular name by which Na.Vijayashankar, is known on the Cyber space.

Naavi is an  Information Assurance consultant and Operates from  Bengalooru (Bangalore) in India. Though not a lawyer, Naavi is a pioneer and an acknowledged expert in the field of Cyber Laws.

He is the author of the first book  on Cyber Laws in India titled "Cyber Laws for Every Netizen in India" and the first E-Book on Cyber Laws "Cyber Laws..ITA-2000 and Beyond". Naavi is also the author of a book in Kannada titled "Antarjaala AparaadhagaLu" released in 2005. He is also the author of  "Cyber Laws Demystified" which is a comprehensive discussion on Cyber Laws  released in 2006.

In 2010 Naavi released the book "Cyber Laws for Engineers", an E Book version of which has been released in 2011 along with two other books "Cyber Laws for Every one" and "Cyber Crimes and ITA 2008".

Naavi is the pioneer of the "CyLawCom" concept which promotes use of a voluntary Cyber Law Compliance programe by the industry. In this direction, h has authored the book "CyLawCom..Corporate Mantra for the Digital Era", introduced a CyLawCom audit and certification system and also created training and education for developing CyLawCom examiners. (Details at

In a bid to create better Cyber Law Literacy amongst the common men, Naavi has been pursuing a programme of creating mass awareness of Cyber Law in Karnataka through his "Karnataka Cyber Law Awareness Movement". (KCLAM). Under this programme, Naavi has brought out a book in Kannada titled "Antarjaala AparaadhagaLu" and created a Kannada website for Cyber Laws under

Naavi  is also a visiting/guest faculty at Nalsar University, Hyderabad as well as other institutions such as  the School of Excellence,National Law School, Bangalore as well as many other institutions such as KLE Soceity's Law College, Bangalore, Hubli, JSS College, Mysore . He was also involved in the training of TN Police in Cyber Crimes and assisting the Police in Cyber Evidence Collection and Management.

Naavi has also been in the forefront of Netizen movement in India. He is the founder secretary of Cyber Society of India, Founder Trustee of International Institute of Information Technology Law, and Founder Chairman of Digital Society Foundation.

Naavi is also a  specialist in HIPAA-HITECH Act consultancy and is a premier HIPAA Auditor in India. He has conducted even remote audits for HIPAA Compliance in Phillipines on behalf of an US client.

Naavi has pioneered Information Security framework for compliance of ITA 2008. His information security approach under the unique "Three Dimensional Information Security Approach". Naavi has  developed the CyLawCom concept into a "Total Information Assurance" concept incorporating Technical, Legal and Behavioural Science aspects into Information Security. His "Theory of IS Motivation" and "Total Information Assurance for Modular Implementation" are concepts which generate new wave of thinking in the complex domain of Information Security.

Behind the current specialization, Naavi possesses  40 years of extensive experience in many aspects of business and a sound academic grounding.

Having completed his Master's degree in Nuclear Physics from the university of Mysore, in 1973, Naavi joined a commercial bank, viz Indian Overseas Bank and served the Bank for over 13 years in various capacities such as Branch Manager, Faculty Member, Credit Manager and Merchant Banker. Naavi has taught Commercial law in the Bank's training college and functioned as head of the training center of the Bank at Coimbatore for several years.

After serving as a Merchant Banking Chief at Mumbai for over two years between 1984 and 1987, Naavi left the Public Sector Bank to join the private sector Financial Services Company, Nagarjuna Group in Chennai. In 1989 he moved over to RKSWAMY / BBDO to set up and lead the Financial Advertising business of the company. Between 1994 and 1997, he concurrently served as a consultant for a leading Finance Company Viz Shriram group and was also associated with an NRI group in promoting Finance and Software Marketing business in India. As an advertising consultant, he was associated in the process of developing communication strategies for various clients particularly  in promoting IPO s and Financial products.

Since October 2000, he has been pursuing his own projects maintaining the Virtual Cyber Law College, and the Cyber law Portal

Cyber Law College conducts online and correspondence courses in Cyber Law and is the only such dedicated institution in India at present. It is in the process of developing off-line franchise centers also. It also conducts offline courses in several places in Karnataka. It focusses on corporate training in the field of Cyber Laws and Legal aspects of Information Security.

Naavi has also set up several ITES projects around Cyber Law Compliance requirements such as

a) an unique community service for Domain Name Dispute Resolution for which his Patent is pending in USA. He is also pursuing two other Patents for Web based services.

b) a unique, first of its kind Brick and Click service for preserving and presenting Cyber Evidence to a Court of law.

c), a portal for the development of Alternate Dispute Resolution industry in India....and others

All along, Naavi has been a regular contributor to various journals and news papers both in print and online.

Naavi was one of the early entrants into the Internet arena and soon developed into a E-Business/Inforamtion Assuracne Consultant integrating his versatile experience in a variety of fields into the software skills he acquired through formal and informal training in Java, UML , Elements of CORBA etc.

He has been a member of several working groups of the Government of India involved in Information Technology related matters.

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Naavi's Books

Naavi's Projects

1.Cyber Law Portal

2.Cyber Law Compliance Certification at

3. Cyber Law Education

        a) Virtual Courses at

b)  CyLawCom Certification

4..Cyber Law Related Services

a)  Verify For Look Alikes

        b)  Cyber Evidence Archival Center

c) Arbitration BPO :

d)  Legal BPO Professional Network:

5. Other Services



Consultancy Services Offered by Naavi

1. Cyber Law Compliancy Audit and Consultancy for E-Business

2. Techno Legal Feasibility Study for E -Projects

3. In house Workshops and Seminars on Cyber Law and Cyber Security

4. Techno Legal Cyber Security consultancy for Companies and Banks

5. Assisting Lawyers in Cyber crime cases and Cyber Evidence Certification

6. Drafting of Compliance documents for E-Commerce such as Privacy, Terms and Conditions etc

Naavi can be contacted through e-mail at